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Political Celebrities
Pres. Donald Trump
Pres. Barack Obama
Vice Pres. Joe Biden
Former Vice Pres. Nominee Sarah Palin
Former Pres. George W. Bush
Former First Lady Hillary Clinton

Budget & Economy
Civil Rights
Families & Children
Foreign Policy
Free Trade
Government Reform
Gun Control
Health Care
Principles & Values
Social Security
Tax Reform
Welfare & Labor


2018 Senate Races

Strange(R) vs.Moore(R) vs.Jones(D)
AZ: Flake(R) vs. Ward(R) vs.Sinema(D) vs.Abboud(D) vs.McSally(R) vs.Arpaio(R) vs.Marks(L)
CA: Feinstein(D) vs. Eisen(D) vs. Sanchez?(D) vs. Garcetti?(D) vs.de_Leon(D)
CT: Murphy(D) vs.Adams(D) vs.Corey(R)
DE: Carper(D) vs.Arlett(R) vs.Boyce(R) vs.Truono(R) vs.Janowski(I)
FL: Nelson(D) vs. DeSantis(R) vs. Jolly(R) vs. Lopez-Cantera(R) vs.Scott(R) vs.Janowski(I) vs.Invictus(R)
HI: Hirono(D) vs.McDermott(R) vs.Pirkowski(D) vs.Curtis(R)
IN: Donnelly(D) vs. Hurt(R) vs.Messer(R) vs.Rokita(R) vs.Braun(R) vs.Straw(P)
MA: Warren(D) vs. Ayyadurai(I) vs.Waters(R) vs.Lindstrom(R) vs.Diehl(R) vs.Wellman(R) vs.Kingston(R)
MD: Cardin(D) vs.Vohra(L) vs.Manning(D) vs.Faddis(R) vs.Campbell(R)
ME: King(I) vs.Brakey(R) vs.Lyons(L) vs.Ringelstein(D)
MI: Stabenow(D) vs. Bouchard?(R) vs.Young(R) vs.Squier(G) vs.James(R)
MN-2: Franken(D) vs.Smith(D) vs.Housley(R)
MN-6: Klobuchar(D) vs.Newberger(R) vs.Overby(G)
MO: McCaskill(D) vs.Petersen(R) vs.Monetti(R) vs.Hawley(R) vs.Earl(D)
MS-2: Hyde-Smith(R) vs.Espy(D) vs.Reeves(R) vs.McDaniel(R)
MS-6: Wicker(R) vs.Bohren(D) vs.Baria(D)
MT: Tester(D) vs.Olszewski(R) vs.Rosendale(R)
ND: Heitkamp(D) vs.Peyer(D) vs.Campbell(R) vs.Cramer(R)
NE: Fischer(R) vs.Raybould(D)
NJ: Menendez(D) vs.Pezzullo(R) vs.Hugin(R) vs.Sabrin(L)
NM: Heinrich(D) vs.Rich(R) vs. Sanchez?(R) vs.Johnson(L)
NV: Heller(R) vs.Tarkanian(R) vs.Rosen(D)
NY: Gillibrand(D) vs.Webber(R) vs.Farley(R) vs.Noren(D)
OH: Brown(D) vs. Mandel(R) vs.Renacci(R) vs.Gibbons(R)
PA: Casey(D) vs.Barletta(R) vs.Christiana(R) vs.Saccone(R)
RI: Whitehouse(D) vs.Flanders(R) vs.Nardolillo(R)
TN: Corker(R) vs.Mackler(D) vs.Crim(D) vs.Blackburn(R) vs.Bredesen(D) vs.Fincher(R)
TX: Cruz(R) vs. Bush?(R) vs.O`Rourke(D)
UT: Hatch(R) vs. McMullin?(R) vs. Romney(R) vs.Wilson(D) vs.Bowden(L)
VA: Kaine(D) vs.Freitas(R) vs.Stewart(R)
VT: Sanders(I) vs. Giordano(D) vs.MacGovern(D) vs.Milne(D) vs.Paige(R) vs.Zupan(R)
WA: Cantwell(D) vs.Ferguson(D) vs.Hutchison(R) vs.Luke(L) vs.Strider(L)
WI: Baldwin(D) vs.Vukmir(R)
WV: Manchin(D) vs. Raese(R) vs.Jenkins(R) vs.Blankenship(I) vs.Morrisey(R) vs.Swearengin(D)
WY: Barrasso(R) vs.Trauner(D)

2016 Senate Races

AK: Murkowski(R) vs.Metcalfe(D) vs.Miller(L) vs.Stevens(L) vs.Lamb(R)
AL: Shelby(R) vs.Crumpton(D) vs.Bowman(R)
AR: Boozman(R) vs.Eldridge(D) vs.Gilbert(L)
AZ: McCain(R) vs.Kirkpatrick(D) vs.Mealer(I) vs.Ward(R)
CA: Harris(D) vs.Sanchez(D) vs.Chavez(R) vs.Del Beccaro(R) vs.Sundheim(R) vs.Brannon(R)
CO: Bennet(D) vs.Glenn(R) vs.Neville(R) vs.Frazier(R) vs.Keyser(R) vs.Littleton(R)
CT: Blumenthal(D) vs.Carter(R) vs.Orchulli(R) vs.Kudlow(R) vs.Wolf(R) vs.Foley(R)
FL: Rubio(R) vs.Murphy(D) vs.Grayson(D) vs.Keith(D) vs.DeSantis(R) vs.Cantera(R)
GA: Isakson(R) vs.Barksdale(D) vs.Buckley(L) vs.Barrow(D) vs.Grayson(R)
HI: Schatz(D) vs.Carroll(R) vs.Pirkowski(R) vs.Cavasso(R)
IA: Grassley(R) vs.Judge(D) vs.Fiegen(D) vs.Hogg(D) vs.Krause(D)
ID: Crapo(R) vs.Sturgill(D) vs.Pro-Life(C) vs.LaRocco(D)
IL: Kirk(R)
vs.Duckworth(D) vs.Harris(D) vs.Zopp(D)
IN: Bayh(D)
vs.Young(R) vs.Stutzman(R) vs.Hill(D) vs.Holcomb(R) vs.Bosma(R)
KS: Moran(R) vs.Wiesner(D) vs.Orman(I)
KY: Paul(R) vs.Gray(D) vs.Conway(D)
LA: (runoff Dec. 10) Kennedy(D) vs.Campbell(D) vs.Fleming(R) vs.Boustany(R) vs.Maness(R) vs.Cao(R) vs.Clements(L)
MD: Van Hollen(D) vs.Szeliga(R) vs.Flowers(G) vs.Douglas(R) vs.Steele(R)
MO: Blunt(R) vs.Kander(D)
NC: Burr(R) vs.Ross(D) vs.Haugh(L) vs.Brannon(R) vs.Rey(D) vs.Wright(R)
ND: Hoeven(R) vs.Glassheim(D) vs.Marquette(L)
NH: Ayotte(R)
vs. Hassan(D) vs.Rubens(R)
NV: Cortez-Masto(D) vs.Heck(R) vs.Angle(R)
NY: Schumer(D) vs.Long(R)
OH: Portman(R) vs.Strickland(D) vs.Sittenfeld(D)
OK: Lankford(R) vs.Workman(D) vs.Johnson(D)
OR: Wyden(D) vs.Callahan(R) vs.Stine(D)
PA: Toomey(R) vs.McGinty(D) vs.Stern(R) vs.Sestak(D) vs.Fetterman(D)
SC: Scott(R) vs.Dixon(D)
SD: Thune(R) vs.Williams(D)
UT: Lee(R) vs.Snow(D) vs.Swinton(D)
VT: Leahy(D) vs.Milne(R)
WA: Murray(D) vs.Vance(R)
WI: Johnson(R) vs.Feingold(D) vs.Anderson(L) vs.Lorge(R)
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House of Representatives

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Our mission is to provide non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election, so that votes can be based on issues rather than on personalities and popularity.

We get our information daily from newspapers, speeches, press releases, and the Internet.

OnTheIssues.org Staff
Dr. Naomi Lichtenberg, President & CEO
    MA Columbia University, PhD Indiana University
Jesse Gordon, editor-in-chief & content manager
    MPP Harvard University
Will Rico, marketing and advertising
Pete Hoerr, Supreme Court editing
Jamie & Adam Leighton, political books
Sanjaya Ghimire, technical
Mary Ellen Quinn, editor
Daniel Kimmel, editor
Josh & Marissa Hoerr & Will Hayes, excerpting
Jay and Kate Camara, excerpting
Ram Lau, editor emeritus
Alan K. Jansen, Libertarian Party & 3rd-party candidates
    BA Brandeis University
Bill Cooke, political books
    BA Boston University, currently at U. Wisconsin-Madison
Michele & Janice Gordon, political books
Dan & Irma Teittinnen, political books

Many viewers ask about our political stances.
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Press Clippings

(click for older clips)
The Stute (Stevens Institute):
Don’t vote? Don’t complain.
by Matthew Doto
Nov. 2, 2018: "One of the best resources for this is ontheissues.org — it lists practically every politician running for office and their positions on the issues in their own words, along with source links so you can get full context."
Click for original version
OnTheIssues Presents Political Candidates' Stances Without Commentary so Voters Can Decide for Themselves
by Matt Walker
  • Oct. 25, 2018: "OnTheIssues was founded as a reaction to news sources covering the 'horse race' over candidates' platforms."
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Voters Used To See Moderation In Trump. Not Anymore.
by Harry Enten
Jan. 5, 2018: "Before Trump moved into the White House, he took a mix of liberal and conservative positions. He was, for example, vehemently against illegal immigration but in favor of infrastructure spending. He was against gun control, but he claimed to be stronger than Hillary Clinton on LGBT rights. When you totaled up Trump’s ideological score on economic and social issues from the website OnTheIssues, his score was closer to perfectly “moderate” than any incoming president of the past 40 years except George H.W. Bush."
Click for original version
Fox News Insider:
Trump's 'Conservative Score' Jumped 18 Points Since 2016, Nearly Even With Reagan
As seen on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino
Jan. 5, 2018: "President Donald Trump appears to have moved to the right politically since he took office, according to new analysis by OnTheIssues.org. The website, which assigns an ideological grade to politicians’ statements and votes, found in 2016 that Trump was conservative on social and economic issues about 42.5 percent of the time. By 2018, however, that number had jumped to 60 percent, which puts Trump just one point behind former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush had scores of 61.1, 60 and 35 percent, respectively."
Click for original version
Which Republican Senators Are Most Likely To Fight Trump?
by Nate Silver
Nov. 21, 2016: "Trump didn’t have down-the-line conservative views, instead mixing extremely conservative stances on issues such as immigration with surprisingly moderate (or even leftist) ones on other issues such as trade. Therefore, the usual statistical methods that rate members of Congress on a one-dimensional, liberal-conservative scale may not be the best way to predict compatibility with Trump. Instead, I used data from OnTheIssues.org, which tracks candidates’ positions within 20 policy areas based on their public statements and voting history. The site rates candidates’ positions on a 10-point scale from -5 to +5 — for instance, on immigration, -5 represents a conservative stance (start deporting people) whereas +5 is a liberal one (amnesty for immigrants who entered the country illegally)."
"We can calculate each senator’s similarity to Trump in the aggregate over these various issues. The closest is Sen. David Perdue of Georgia, who like Trump was a wealthy businessman before running for office. And in general, senators who were first elected during the tea party era from 2010 onward are more similar to Trump than those who have held longer tenures in office."
Click for original version
Washington Monthly:
Why It’s So Hard to Find Out Where the Candidates Stand
by Eric Potash
  • Nov. 4, 2016: "Vote Smart [and OnTheIssues both] asked California Republican Congressman Ed Royce if he “supports government subsidies for renewable energy.” He hasn’t answered, so researchers inferred an answer: Vote Smart infers that yes, he does, based on a convoluted campaign statement in which he offers “an ‘all of the above’ approach to increase all forms of American energy.” OnTheIssues describes Mr. Royce as “strongly opposed” to “prioritizing green energy.”
  • "So which is it? Mr. Royce has never voted in favor of a renewable energy bill."
  • Click for original version
Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal.
by X
May 19, 2015: "Clinton rates as a “hard core liberal” per the OnTheIssues.org scale. She is as liberal as Elizabeth Warren and barely more moderate than Bernie Sanders. And while Obama is also a “hard core liberal,” Clinton again was rated as more liberal than Obama. Sometimes I wonder whether people are confusing Clinton with her husband. Bill Clinton’s statements have been far more moderate [by OnTheIssues]."
Click for original version
Bing's Election Tool Shows yoo Where Candidates Stand
by Issie Lapowsky
Dec. 8, 2015: "Microsoft is launching a new feature to help you figure out which one of those candidates stands for the same things you do. To create the tool, Microsoft worked with the non-partisan group, OntheIssues.org, which scans news, press releases, public statements and more, to determine candidates' positions. It then synthesizes that information to determine exactly how liberal, conservative, moderate, populist, or libertarian a given candidate is. It may not be an exact science, but it's the closest thing to unbiased information that exists on candidates."
Click for original version
Don’t Take Ben Carson Seriously (Except In Iowa — Maybe)
by Harry Enten
Dec. 24, 2014: "Carson — a darling of the far right — may also have some policy problems. OnTheIssues.org, a nonpartisan nonprofit that scores politicians’ ideology based on their public statements, rates Carson as a “moderate conservative” because some of his statements about free trade, gun control and health care have flirted with moderation."
Click for original version
Marco Rubio: The Electable Conservative?
by Nate Silver
Feb. 9, 2013: "[Marco Rubio] is rated as fairly moderate by OnTheIssues.org, which also evaluates his stances on social policy. Sarah Palin is also rated as extremely conservative by [a system which scores based on political donor groups], but as relatively moderate by OnTheIssues.org. (Keep in mind that before being selected as John McCain’s running mate, Ms. Palin had some history as a reform-minded governor of Alaska.)"
Click for original version
141Factor Special Report:
Building The Perfect Presidential Candidate

OnTheIssues.org has your hook-up. Ventura is a "fiscal conservative, social moderate," meaning he's tight with a buck and doesn't have any problems with gays or non-Christians. You can gobble up all the sensible swing voters with that mantra.
Vargas Post

"This is the best political quiz I've ever seen on the Internet."
Bush Betrays Conservatives
"This is a 20 question Nolan, which gives extremely accurate -x,-y axis results. While no quiz is perfect, this one is accurate."
GW News Center:
GW's Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet Reviews Nonpartisan Online Politics
Pioneers in Online Politics Project:
Nonpartisan Political Web Sites: Best Practices Primer

"OnTheIssues (www.ontheissues.org) is an information gateway that links to resources in national politics."
"OnTheIssues has a CelebrityMatch quiz where you can find out which celebrity’s views most closely match your own."
Pioneers in Online Politics:
Nonpartisan Political Web Sites in the 2000 Campaign
"The organization puts a lot of information tools on the home page of its Web site. The focus of the site appears to be politicians’ stances on issues."
"There is a list of recent political books, with brief descriptions of the political leaders mentioned, and links to Amazon book reviews."
JuryFury.com :
Online School of Politics
(Details of George W. Bush stances from OnTheIssues)
Kansas State Collegian:
Focusing on the real issues
(Issue comparison based on OnTheIssues)
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Information You Can Trust
"Presents positions on major issues for major federal and state offices, such as president and governor. Browse by candidate or issue, or search. In addition to opinions and quotes on issues, the site includes biographies of each candidate, charts showing the candidates' position on issues, links to candidates' Web sites, and election schedules."
League of Women Voters of Janesville:
Be An Informed Voter
"The mission of On The Issues is to provide non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election, so that votes can be based on issues rather than on personalities and popularity. They get their information daily from newspapers, speeches, press releases, and the Internet."
Senate Candidates on the Issues
"This is an incredible site. Click on each name, and get a list, by issue, of how that individual has voted in the past. Or, if not how they've voted, what their "on the record" stance is. Good stuff!"
The Political Compass
"I rate this one up there with ontheissues.org, as one of the most thorough political viewpoint quiz sites available."
Stump: The Poynter Institute for Media Studies:
Paint By Issues
"I wish there was a way to pair the candidates' words with their actions. Show us not just what they've said about an issue, but what they've done about it. Here's a site that shows both quotes and deeds, OnTheIssues.org."
Rotten Tomatoes:
Which candidate is yours?
"Go through the quiz to see which presidential candidate (includes all the Democratic potentials) best matches your stances on the issues."
Santa Rosa Junior College Library:
General Sites About Candidates & Issues
"OnTheIssues.org: Every Political Leader on Every Issue: Browse by candidate or by issue, or search directly for a specific candidate. Also offers biographies and links to candidates' websites. Nonprofit and nonpartisan."
What are the Issues?
"If you are working in a computer lab, you may have students go to http://ontheissues.org/default.htm and have students take one of the quizzes to determine which candidate shares most of their views. It is a fun exercise for students to do and many times are surprised by the outcome."

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