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No NSA snooping; defend the Fourth Amendment

Ravenel welcomed Rand Paul to S.C.--praising the Kentucky Senator for his support of individual liberty. "Rand Paul took an aggressive position in support of individual liberty during his trip to South Carolina this week," Ravenel said. "His support for the Bill of Rights--including our Fourth Amendment freedoms--is exactly the sort of perspective we need in the U.S. Senate."

For those who've forgotten your social studies, the Fourth Amendment affirms the right of the people "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures"--and requires search warrants to be issued "upon probable cause."

Who doesn't support this amendment? Sen. Lindsey Graham--who has attacked Paul in the past for his defense of liberty. Graham has repeatedly defended the mass snooping of the National Security Agency (NSA)--going so far as to say he was "glad" the government was unconstitutionally obtaining private records with no warrant and no probable cause.

Source: 2014 South Carolina Senate campaign press release , Aug 26, 2014

No more blood & treasure on 'nation-building' in Iraq

Graham said this week that if America didn't step up its military intervention in Iraq, he envisioned "an American city in flames." Ravenel reiterated his debate challenge in criticizing Graham's foreign policy, and asked Graham to provide South Carolinians with a cost estimate--and a body count--for achieving his vision of Iraq.

"Here's my challenge to Lindsey Graham: Stop fearmongering using other people's sound bites--and other people's blood and treasure--and give us some hard numbers," Ravenel said. "Tell us exactly how much is it going to cost to mold Iraq into the country you want it to be? We know trillions of dollars and thousands of lives have already been lost there in the name of 'nation-building'--yet the situation is worse than it's ever been. So tell us Senator: How many more trillions of dollars is it going to take? How many more dead heroes? How many more lost limbs? How many more shattered families? How many more PTSD victims?"

Source: FITS News on 2014 South Carolina Senate race , Aug 11, 2014

I want a military that defends America, not Germany or Japan

The largest gulf between Ravenel and the GOP is on the role of the US military around the globe. He warns that the US has engaged in nation building, humanitarian missions, and picking winners & losers in countries where we have a track record of getting it wrong. "I want a military that defends America, not a military that defends Germany or defends Japan," he said. "The EU has a GDP bigger than America's. I don't blame them. Why spend any money on your own military when America's got it covered?"
Source: TheDailyBeast blog on 2014 South Carolina Senate race , Jul 4, 2014

We absolutely must have the world's strongest military

Ravenel said crafting a new foreign policy would be a centerpiece of his campaign. "Ill-conceived interventions and this constant flip-flopping of allegiances between terrorist organizations does not make us safer--it only makes another attack on our homeland more likely," Ravenel said. "We absolutely must have the world's strongest military to protect our borders and secure our national interests--but our national defense is weakened by politically motivated pork projects, failed attempts at nation-building and picking up the tab for wealthy countries that won't defend themselves."
Source: WLTX on 2014 South Carolina Senate race , Jul 4, 2014

We need bold leadership combating terrorists & terror states

On National Defense & Homeland Security: "I support President Bush's bold leadership on combating terrorists and terror states. We must continue to use our force to protect our national security and interests."

The central role of the federal government is to defend our nation. To do this effectively, our military must remain strong, well trained, fully equipped, and second-to-none. Furthermore, our intelligence resources cannot be hamstrung by out-dated regulations, such as the Congressional prohibition on foreign assassination. Our nation's in-the-field human intelligence must be bolstered and strengthened to account for the shameful gutting of our intelligence agencies by the Clinton presidency.

Source: 2004 South Carolina Senate campaign website, ravenel2004.org , Sep 1, 2004

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