Steve Osborn on Immigration


No amnesty for illegal immigrants

I am opposed to illegal immigration and against amnesty for those already here illegally. I favor border enforcement, and desire that existing immigration and temporary visitation laws be enforced. I am against effectively granting amnesty for the existing illegal aliens in our county. If they have so little respect for our laws in coming to this country, it is very doubtful they will suddenly gain much respect for them if they are made eligible to become citizens.
Source: Campaign website, www.Steve4USsenate.com Jul 4, 2006

Great influxes weaken sovereignty and yields Globalization

Opening borders and allowing great influxes of people, particularly into nations with a strong middle class, could be one way to weaken sovereignty and move towards a true, globalized, one world government, what we commonly hear as the "New World Order." Illegal immigration may someday make us more dependent upon government outside of our sovereign state. This is one indication of Congress' arrogance of their attitudes in reaching Globalization goals despite how far we want Globalization to progress.
Source: Campaign website, www.Steve4USsenate.com Jul 4, 2006

Temporary Worker Program OK as long as borders are secure

Q: Should the borders be secured before a Temporary Worker Program is implemented?

A: The borders should be made more secure as soon as practical irregardless of the formation of such a program.. A Temporary Worker Program itself has some merit so long as those who participate are law abiding while 'guests' in our country.

Source: Campaign website, www.Steve4USsenate.com Jul 4, 2006

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