Richard Tarrant on War & Peace


US troops in Iraq should redeploy to neighboring areas

Like Tarrant, Sanders would like to see U.S. troops redeployed to neighboring areas such as Kuwait.
Source: Editorial in Burlington Free Press Jun 3, 2006

No specific deadline, but out of Iraq as soon as possible

Tarrant thinks the US should withdraw its forces from Iraq as soon as possible. He's not setting a specific deadline, but he wants it done a lot sooner than the President. Tarrant says, "I think we need to get out fairly rapidly. I don't advocate cutting and running. But I think we're successful. We have done some good things. We got rid of a terrible dictator. We got them through elections, and now we've got a constitution. And there will be elections in December."
Source: Bob Kinzel series of interviews on Vermont Public Radio Oct 25, 2005

Iraq war is over extending the country's financial resources

Tarrant is concerned about the growing federal budget deficit. He believes the war in Iraq is over extending the country's financial resources. Tarrant says, "We're spending money like drunken sailors in Washington and that's the Bush Administration certainly. We can't afford Katrina and tsunamis and building nations. I mean, heating fuels is going to be a big expense that we need to put more money into heating fuel for people this winter that can't afford it. We can only afford to do so much."
Source: Bob Kinzel series of interviews on Vermont Public Radio Oct 25, 2005

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