Cheri Bustos on Social Security



Strongly oppose any attempt to privatize Social Security

I strongly oppose any attempt to privatize Social Security or cut benefits. Social Security is a critically important element of retirement and I will fight to protect it.
Source: 2012 House campaign website, cheribustos.com, "Issues" , Nov 6, 2012

Opposes personal retirement accounts.

Bustos opposes the PVS survey question on privatization

Project Vote Smart infers candidate issue stances on key topics by summarizing public speeches and public statements. Congressional candidates are given the opportunity to respond in detail; about 11% did so in the 2012 races.

Project Vote Smart summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: 'Social Security: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?'

Source: Project Vote Smart 12-PVS-q6 on Aug 30, 2012

Sponsored keeping CPI for benefits instead of lower "Chained CPI".

Bustos co-sponsored Resolution on CPI

CONCURRENT RESOLUTION expressing the sense of the Congress that the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) should not be used to adjust Social Security benefits.