Eleanor Holmes Norton on Jobs

Democratic Representative (DC-Delegate)


First woman to chair Equal Opportunity Employment Commission

Q: Pres. Carter appointed you to serve as the 1st woman to chair the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EOEC). How significant was that at the time?

A: If you look at it today, nobody even takes a whimper to it. At the time, it was very significant. Not only because it was the EOEC, but because there were so few women in high positions in government. This agency is not a cabinet agency, but it was a very high profile agency at a time when women didn't have anything approaching equality.

Source: Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall, p.338 , Nov 5, 2013

Require full disclosure of outsourced employees.

Norton co-sponsored requiring full disclosure of outsourced employees

OFFICIAL CONGRESSIONAL SUMMARY: Transparency and Responsibility for US Trade Health Act (TRUTH Act): Requires a US national that employs individuals in a foreign country, either directly or through subsidiaries, to take necessary steps to provide transparency and public disclosure in all its operations.