Michael Folk on Health Care



Abolish "Certificate of Need" law as anti-competitive

Reduce Healthcare Costs by abolishing the Certificate of Need (CON) law passed in 1977 that prevents competition! One cause for WV's high inflation rate in healthcare services is directly related to anti-competitive policies that result from laws in West Virginia and 34 other states that are known as Certificate of Need (CON).
Source: 2020 West Virginia Governor campaign website Folk4WV.com , Dec 16, 2019

We need a free market in health care

Folk said an issue is a lack of free market in health care in West Virginia. "We don't have a free market in West Virginia because of the Certificate of Need," Folk said. "I put a bill in to abolish it or greatly reduce the Certificate of Need. There is a guy who works doing imaging in Ohio, the cost is $50. When he works in West Virginia, he has to work through a hospital and the cost is $500 to $800 for the same thing. If you want to get people into the state, one of the things needed is lower health care costs."

According to the West Virginia Health Care Authority's website, in West Virginia, all health care providers, unless exempt, are required to secure a Certificate of Need prior to adding or expanding health care services, exceeding a certain capital expenditure threshold, purchasing major medical equipment or building or acquiring new health care facilities.

Source: MyBuckhannon.com on 2020 West Virginia Governor debate , Aug 27, 2019

Limit class-action medical malpractice awards to $500,000

Rep. Folk voted YES on a bill to limit Medical Malpractice awards to $500,000 even in the case of multiple plaintiffs:

Legiscan summary of West Virginia legislation S.B.6: