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The "war on terror" is just subterfuge for U.S. imperialism

The U.S. government uses its overwhelming military power to consolidate its strategic hold over the entire world and to defend and advance the interests of U.S. owned corporations as they exploit the working people and natural resources of the entire planet. We stand in total opposition to U.S. imperialism and the current "war on terror" which is just another subterfuge for U.S. imperialism.
Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

End wars by removing greed motivation & cultural alienation

Wars will almost be entirely eliminated because the cause of greed, weapon sales, nuclear power elimination and cultural alienation will have been eliminated. In rare instances of upheaval, due to dictators, or ethnic cleansing within a country, will there be necessary to have a minimum security apparatus. Peace will be more accessible, and war less perennial, with only the human instincts of selfishness and possession that will have to be defeated and challenged.
Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Exit Iraq immediately, and pay reparations

We stand for the immediate removal of all U.S. and foreign forces from Iraq. All U.S. bases and the gigantic U.S. embassy in Baghdad should be shut down immediately. Reparations should be paid to the Iraqi people for the vast destruction inflicted on their land by the launching of an unprovoked war of aggression.
Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation website, pslweb.org , Jan 16, 2008

Stop the Iraq War immediately

Source: Presidential Socialist nominee website, VoteBrianMoore.com , Dec 23, 2007

1983 war against Nicaragua was illegal and immoral

Many Burlingtonians, including myself, supported the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. President Reagan did not. We disagreed with him. We expressed our displeasure.

Somewhere in the Reagan archives, or wherever these things are kept, is a letter from the mayor of Burlington on this subject. There are also official proclamations from the Burlington Board of Alderman, made after long and emotional public hearings. "Stop the war against the people of Nicaragua! Use our tax dollars to feed the hungry and house the homeless. Stop killing the innocent people of Nicaragua."

This was an issue that many of us in the progressive movement felt very strongly about. Not only was the war against Nicaragua illegal and immoral, it was an outrageous waste of taxpayer money. As a mayor, I wanted more federal funds for affordable housing and economic development. I did not want to see taxpayer dollars going to the CIA for an appalling war.

Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 67 , Jun 17, 1997

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