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Steeply graduated income tax, capital gains, & luxury tax

Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

Steeply graduated income tax and estate tax

We call for a steeply graduated income tax and graduated estate tax, plus the restoration of capital gains and luxury taxes on the same basis. We also oppose regressive taxes such as payroll tax, sales tax and property taxes.
Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Limit maximum income to 10 times minimum income

Source: Presidential Socialist nominee website, VoteBrianMoore.com , Dec 23, 2007

More progressive taxation; especially on runaway industry

We call for a steeply graduated income tax, and a maximum income of no more than ten times the minimum.

We call for full disclosure of corporate plans to close and relocate plants, a punitive tax on runaway industry, and compensation for the workers and communities affected by plant closings.

We support a single-payer National Health Program, publicly funded through progressive taxation, and controlled by democratically elected local boards.

Source: Socialist Party Platform (via 2000 nominee David McReynolds) , Jan 1, 2000

1% room-and-meal tax instead of property tax

The property tax, the major source of funding for education and municipal services in VT, is regressive because it is not based on ability to pay. Many senior citizens and working people were (and are) paying far more in property taxes than they can afford on their limited incomes. For 7 straight years I did not raise the general property tax for homeowners in Burlington. At the same time, I fought hard for more progressive forms of taxation.

We did become the first municipality in Vermont to develop alternatives to the property tax. After a major struggle against many of the restaurant owners, we implemented a 1% room-and-meal tax. We also passed a classification system of taxation which raised to 120% the tax rate on commercial and industrial property.

Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 62 , Jun 17, 1997

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