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Cap benefits to three times those receiving minimum

We demand that the Social Security system remain entirely within the public sector, with funding derived from a steeply graduated income tax on all income, earned and unearned. We call for the inclusion of all state and local government workers within the Social Security System. We call for a cap on Social Security benefits so that no beneficiary receives more than three times the income of those receiving the minimum.
Source: Socialist Party Platform at 2020-2021 PSL Convention , Aug 3, 2020

Oppose privatization of the Social Security system

The Socialist Party recognizes the right of seniors to a dignified life, free from economic hardship, social isolation, and discrimination in employment and credit. Sufficient income, housing, health care, medication, and access to social services must be guaranteed to all elders.
Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

Retirement at age 55 with $25,000 annual income

We deplore discrimination based on age, the right of retirement at age 55, a minimum annual retirement income of $25,000, tax free, and protection from inflation by cost of living increases. And we call for a cap on Social Security benefits so that no-one earns more than three times the income of those receiving the minimum.
Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

No privatization of Social Security

No privatization: Social Security--a vital benefit for tens of millions of retired and disabled workers--has come under increasing attack in recent years. Bush tried to privatize Social Security in order to funnel trillions of additional dollars to the big capitalist banks and investors. The PSL organized against this assault on the working-class in 2005.

Despite the crying need, Democratic and Republican politicians only debate how much to cut back from Social Security and how fast to do it.

Source: Party for Socialism and Liberation website, pslweb.org , Jan 16, 2008

More graduated taxes to pay for Social Security

We call for Social Security, health, disability, and unemployment insurance to be paid for by a steeply graduated income tax and by a steeply graduated estate tax. We oppose such regressive taxes as the payroll tax, sales tax, and "sin" tax.
Source: Socialist Party Platform (via 2000 nominee David McReynolds) , Jan 1, 2000

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