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Uniform ballot access; eliminate Electoral College

We support the introduction of proportional representation at every level of government. We call for uniform ballot access laws for all states that give all political parties a chance to have their candidates on the ballot. We call for the elimination of the Electoral College and support instant run-off voting of all elected officials. We call for the restoration of the right to vote for all citizens incarcerated in jails and prisons.
Source: Socialist Party Platform at 2020-2021 PSL Convention , Aug 3, 2020

Public financing of candidates for public office

The Socialist Party stands for political activity independent of the two major corporate parties. We view electoral activity as an important component of the struggle for fundamental social change.
Source: Socialist Party USA: 2013-2015 National Platform , Nov 4, 2014

Public financing of campaigns, with free TV access

We support public financing of campaigns, same day registration, universal 50-state ballot access for minor party presidential candidates, equal participation in candidate debates, equal and free access to public airwaves for all candidates; citizen legislatures; proportional representation in voting, paper ballots for paper trail auditing and public voting on the nation going to war.
Source: Interview of Socialist nominee Brian Moore with OnTheIssues , Apr 3, 2008

Promote public funding of elections

Source: Presidential Socialist nominee website, VoteBrianMoore.com , Dec 23, 2007

Widen the range of views by including Socialists

It is good that a range of views be offered to the electorate. There is very little to choose between Bush and Gore, very little real debate of substance on our domestic and foreign policy. The arena of debate must be broadened, the range of issues discussed extended. That would be my job as the candidate of the Socialist Party.
Source: Press Conference announcing Socialist presidential candidacy , Sep 7, 1999

Competitive bidding saves government money

During the first term, I discovered that the city was wasting substantial sums of money on its insurance policies. Local companies, year after year, were getting the city's business at substantially higher than market rates. I instituted a radical socialist concept, "competitive" bidding, which saved the city tens of thousands of dollars. We were showing that to be "radical" did not mean that we wasted taxpayer dollars. Quite the contrary. For those of us committed to the idea that government should play an important role in the life of our community, it was absolutely necessary to show that we could run a tightfisted, cost-effective administration. There is no excuse for wasting taxpayer money.
Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 59 , Jun 17, 1997

Receives more contributions, but fewer dollars, than GOP

As the only Independent in Congress, I face unique fundraising handicaps which my campaign works very hard to overcome. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, I do not receive any funds from a political party. I do not benefit from the coordinated campaigns that Democrats and Republicans utilize. My campaign does not get support from a party organization which provides staff, polling, literature, offices, mailings, voter checklists, and other services.

Most importantly, the vast majority of my contributors do not have a lot of money and are unable to give large amounts. In campaign after campaign, I receive MORE individual contributions from Vermont than my opponents, but FEWER total dollars. Our average campaign contribution is less than $35. My Republican opponent will always have a much higher average contribution.

Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 73-5 , Jun 17, 1997

Accepts PAC money, but not from special interests

As a Progressive, I have adamantly refused financial support from Big Money interests. Throughout my political career, I have never accepted one penny from a corporate PAC. (Of the Banking Committee's 52 members, only 2, including myself, receive no PAC funds from interests associated with the corporate financial community.)

While I will not accept PAC money from corporate America, I gladly accept PAC contributions from organizations fighting to improve life for ordinary people. Over the years, my

Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 74-5 , Jun 17, 1997

Publicly fund elections, or small individual contributions

This whole campaign fundraising situation stinks to high heaven. In the past, I have fought hard for campaign finance reform which limits the amount of money that can be spent in an election and which emphasizes public funding of elections and small individual contributions. Ordinary Americans should have a chance to win elections, not just the rich or representatives thereof. If reelected, I will accelerate my efforts in this area.
Source: Outsider in the House, "Socialism in One City," p. 73 , Jun 17, 1997

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