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Strongly Opposes
Abortion is a woman's right
Abortion: Ban abortion with Constitutional amendment
Abortion: Alternatives like adoption, instead of punitive action
Families & Children: Reduce child welfare caseloads & encourage adoption
Principles & Values: Bush will nominate conservative judges only
Strongly Opposes
Require companies to hire more women & minorities
Civil Rights: Women exempt from combat; “candid analysis” of military gays
Education: Achievement is basis for access to college
Strongly Opposes
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws
Civil Rights: Strong support for traditional definition of marriage
Civil Rights: Let Boy Scouts exercise free speech (ok to ban gays)
Defense: Affirm traditional military culture & rebuild morale
Organized Prayer In Public Schools
Education: Strongly support voluntary student-initiated prayer
Families & Children: Support abstinence and fatherhood
More Federal Funding for Health Coverage
Health Care: Give individuals tools to manage their own health needs
Health Care: Allow customization of insurance, support health centers
Health Care: Lawyers should not hold physicians hostage
Privatize Social Security
Social Security: Workers will have choice to invest their payroll taxes
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers
Education: Limit role of federal government in education
Strongly Supports
Death Penalty
Crime: Death penalty is an effective deterrent
Strongly Supports
Mandatory "Three Strikes" Sentencing Laws
Crime: More victims rights and harsher penalties for certain crimes
Strongly Supports
Absolute right to gun ownership
Gun Control: Will protect right to bear arms
Strongly Supports
Make Income Tax Flatter & Lower
Tax Reform: Cut taxes to stimulate economy and help families
Tax Reform: Tax cuts & low interest rates lead to home ownership
Tax Reform: Repeal death tax & give tax break to care for elderly
Technology: Encourage technology with funds for R & D, tax reform
Welfare & Poverty: Tax reform will enable more poor to own a home
Immigration helps our economy-encourage it
Immigration: Reform & toughen immigration system to emphasize family
Immigration: Focus immigration on needed skills
Support & Expand Free Trade
Foreign Policy: Look to Latin American countries as key partners
Free Trade: U.S. should position itself to dominate trade
Free Trade: Promote free trade with America setting the standards
Link Human Rights to trade with China
China: Will not allow China to attack Taiwan
Strongly Supports
More Spending on Armed Forces Personnel
Defense: Restore health of defense industry; peace thru strength
Defense: Restore health of defense industry; peace thru strength
Strongly Opposes
Reduce spending on Missile Defense ("Star Wars")
Defense: U.S. needs comprehensive missile defense system
Defense: Eliminate as many nuclear weapons as possible
Continue Foreign Aid to Russia, Israel, & others
Foreign Policy: Strengthen ties to Asia and promote democracy there
Foreign Policy: Help Africa with private sector and charitable investment
Foreign Policy: Reform U.N. to end abuse, unfairness, and abortion funding
War & Peace: Promote peace, reduce threat of war, protect Israel
War & Peace: Contribute in Balkans, but let NATO run it
Spend Resources to Stop Global Warming
Environment: Encourage market-based solutions to environmental problems
Environment: Provide tax incentives for energy production
Labor & Farming: Recognize that people depend on land for livelihood
Strongly Supports
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it
Drugs: Clinton surrendered Drug War; cry out for drug-free schools
Drugs: Clinton surrendered Drug War; cry out for drug-free schools
Drugs: Aggressively pursue drug kingpins; include death penalty
Strongly Supports
Allow churches to provide welfare services
Welfare & Poverty: Faith-based charities should help end child poverty

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