George Allen on Crime

Republican Senate Challenger


Leader for three decades in enacting truth-in-sentencing

George Allen says he has been a leader for more than three decades in defending Second Amendment rights, enacting truth-in-sentencing, and supporting victims, their families and law enforcement professionals. He says he has consistently earned an A or A+ rating from the National Rifle Association but Allen is under fire from Virginia conservatives for his record in the U.S. Senate.
Source: Richmond Republican Examiner on 2012 VA Senate debate , May 11, 2012

Supports the death penalty

AGREES: Broaden the use of the death penalty for federal crimes.
Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Sep 20, 2000

Supports mandatory Three Strikes sentencing laws

Governor Allen rejected the misguided excuses of the criminal apologists and determined it was time to hold criminals accountable for their violent actions. Governor Allen abolished the lenient, dishonest parole system that was releasing violent criminals after serving only a fraction of their sentence. He instituted truth-in-sentencing so that when a judge or jury sentences a rapist to 12 years, he serves 12 years.
Source: Web site Allen2000.com , Sep 19, 2000

Abolished parole; instituted Three Strikes laws

Source: Web site Allen2000.com , Sep 12, 2000

Try juvenile felons as adults

We enacted sweeping juvenile justice reforms to allow juveniles who commit violent crimes such as rape and armed robbery to be tried as adults. You all recognize that these youthful predators need to be held accountable, and the punishment ought to fit the severity of the crime - regardless of age!
Source: Web site Allen2000.com , Sep 12, 2000

1994: led "truth-in-sentencing" reform among states

"Truth-in-sentencing" is a simple, yet vital reform--it requires criminals to serve at least 85% of the sentences they receive. A growing number of states, led by Virginia in 1994 under the governorship of George Allen, are now abolishing or curtailing parole to make criminals serve their full sentences. Congress should continue to encourage states in this crime prevention effort by assisting them financially to maintain sufficient prison space to keep criminals off the streets.
Source: Agenda For America, by Haley Barbour, p.124 , Apr 25, 1996

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