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Bernie Moreno: China unleashed coronavirus, socialist/fascist ideology

The Chinese Communist Party is an existential threat. Our elected leaders, of both parties, severely underestimated the threat from China. Donald J. Trump was right that China was our greatest threat. They have all but declared war on America. They not only unleashed the coronavirus on the world, they are looking to unleash a greater threat: their socialist, fascist ideology.

We should spend more time and energy making America great than worrying about what other nations think of us. A strong American military, the best in the world, is the only way to ensure peace.

Source: 2021 Ohio Senate campaign website Apr 19, 2021

Jane Timken: Stand up for Israel, Iran is a threat to Israel and US

I've had several conversations with folks in the Jewish community. They're very concerned about Iran. They want to make sure that Israel is protected as our number one ally in the Middle East. We need to stand up for our ally, Israel, and, I'm very concerned about the Biden's administration's approach to Iran. We cannot have Iran develop nuclear capabilities. It is a threat to Israel, our ally, and is a threat to the United States's security.
Source: Jewish Insider on 2022 Ohio Senate race Mar 26, 2021

Jane Timken: BDS movement antisemitic, would push back with legislation

We really need to push back on the BDS movement. That is a leftist policy that is antisemitic, and I see it on college campuses, I see it in their dialogue and rhetoric, and I will stand up and push back against that because I think it's leading to some real disastrous effects. I think there's some things we can do in terms of college campuses, how these movements are being pushed on to college campuses, that I'd like to get some legislation passed to push back on that.
Source: Jewish Insider on 2022 Ohio Senate race Mar 26, 2021

Jane Timken: Abraham Accords have been a significant development

I absolutely applaud President Trump's approach to our foreign policy in the Middle East. I was very proud when he moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as had been promised by several presidents before. And the Abraham Accords have been a significant development in the Middle East. Look, it's peace through strength. He has stood up for Israel, and I will always do that as the next United States senator. We need to make sure that Israel is protected.
Source: Jewish Insider on 2022 Ohio Senate race Mar 26, 2021

Mike Gibbons: Support American Exceptionalism

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

A: Strongly support

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Ohio Senate candidate Apr 24, 2018

Ted Strickland: Support Iran nuke treaty; opposes ground troops against ISIS

Q: On Iran: Support the US-Iran treaty that limits Iran's nuclear capability in return for lifting economic sanctions?

Portman: No

Strickland: Yes

Q: On Iraq: How should the US combat the success of ISIS?

Portman: Special operations and building coalitions. No to major US ground troops.

Strickland: Increased special forces, air strikes, and cyber warfare, but no major ground troop additions.

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 Ohio Senate race Oct 9, 2016

Lee Fisher: Deploy all tools: diplomacy, strength, intel, & military

Lee will work to assist President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton in their efforts to deploy all the tools in America's arsenal--diplomacy, strength, intelligence, the appeal of our values and ideas, as well as our military--to make America safer and more secure and prevent a new generation of terrorists from growing powerful enough to harm us or our allies.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Dec 25, 2009

Al Gore: Nation-building: preferable to WWIII, and a stunning success

Q. Bush made nation-building a point of difference with you [in the Oct. 3 debate].

A. I think that phrase taps into a legitimate concern about how far we should go and how long we should be involved. But itís not a new mission. The Marshall Plan was about nation-building. And the generation that won World War II, having seen the catastrophe of the interwar period in the 20ís and 30ís, wisely decided that nation-building was a preferable alternative to World War III. And it was a stunning success.

Source: Press Interview in Ohio Oct 4, 2000

Al Gore: Cuba: Hard-liner on Castro; keep sanctions

Q. Would you press for the lifting of sanctions against Cuba?

A. No, Iím a hardliner on Castro. I still find it incomprehensible that he would release mentally ill criminals, prone to violence, onto an innocent population here in the US. I find his whole penchant for repression and his whole style abhorrent. We have been asking Castro to have elections for a long time [with no response]. Cuba has been moving headlong in the wrong direction. I do not favor any openings to the Castro government.

Source: Press Interview in Ohio Oct 4, 2000

Al Gore: North Korea: Continue exploring rapprochement

Q. What about lifting sanctions on the North Koreans?

A. Incredibly enough, we have seen a positive response to initiatives there. The strategy for getting North Korea off its nuclear bent has yielded some tentative positive results. Of course, the jury is still out. We have seen a very emotional beginning of rapprochement on the peninsula. There is clearly a desire to explore the changes that would make it possible for them to have a more normal relationship with the rest of the world.

Source: Press Interview in Ohio Oct 4, 2000

Al Gore: Russia: USís abiding interest, but troubled by Putin

Q. On Russian president Vladimir Putin?

A. I am very troubled by his apparent backtracking on press freedom for Russia in the postcommunist era. I am very troubled obviously by their conduct in Chechnya. We have to put first things first, and recognize that the US has an abiding interest in continuing to manage the nuclear threat, and we should not ever forget that Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads and the delivery systems capable of targeting them on the US.

[But we have] all kinds of leverage. We are very deeply involved in helping them construct the institutions of a free society, helping them write their basic contract law, helping them put in place basic accounting standards. We just completed an effort on disaster assistance. The space station, of course, is one of the flagship cooperative efforts. So we certainly have leverage with them, thereís no question about that. And they do listen. They do listen to us. There are limits to the use of leverage.

Source: Press Interview in Ohio Oct 4, 2000

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