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Mike Murphy: Minnesota must re-evaluate taxing Social Security benefits

Our seniors have spent their lives investing into the system; they deserve Social Security and Medicare, and Mike will not tolerate decreasing benefits or reduced medical reimbursements for seniors. With the costs of goods and services rising, an overwhelming number of seniors now live at the poverty level. Minnesota must re-evaluate taxing Social Security benefits or, at minimum, adjust the income tax brackets.
Source: 2022 Minnesota governor campaign website Feb 16, 2021

Jason Lewis: Guarantee Social Security benefits through economic growth

Q: How would you guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations?

A: The best way to guarantee Social Security benefits is through economic growth so that payroll tax revenue continues to stream in. We also need to get a handle on other entitlement programs, such as Medicaid, which would allow more funds to be available for Social Security. Entitlement reform is something we did when I served on the Budget Committee in Congress and I look forward to continuing that effort in the Senate.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Minnesota Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Tina Smith: No privatization nor cuts to benefits

Social Security is the bedrock of economic and retirement security of the American middle class. Tina believes we should expand Social Security and ensure that it remain solvent in the long term. Tina strongly opposes serious threats to these programs like privatization and steps to cut benefits. She also opposes the recent Republican tax bill, which adds $1.5 trillion to our national debt and risks major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.
Source: 2020 Senate campaign website Aug 13, 2019

Tina Smith: Raise payroll cap; no to raising eligibility age

Regarding Social Security funding, Smith said she would support changing the payroll earnings limit but did not favor increasing the age of eligibility for recipients. Medicare also needs reforms and she advocates allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with the drug companies in the same fashion utilized by the Veterans Administration.
Source: ABC Newspapers on 2020 Minnesota Senate race Oct 4, 2018

Jeff Johnson: End the taxation of social security benefits

I believe we need to cut taxes and reduce the size and power of government. We'll start by cutting income taxes, the death tax and license tab fees, ending the taxation of social security benefits and instituting an Automatic Taxpayer Refund when government over-taxes Minnesotans.
Source: 2018 Minnesota campaign website Sep 1, 2018

Paula Overby: We need a safe way to save for retirement

Q: Do you support or oppose privatizing Social Security?

A: Oppose--What we really need is a safe way to save for retirement. Social security was created to address poverty among an aging population and some will say it's a pay as you go system, not a retirement plan. But for millions, it is their only source of retirement income. $5.6 Trillion dollars in retirement funds held in trust by the federal government is not an asset owned by the public, it is a debt held by the public in the form of US treasury notes. The money has already been spent.

Q: What about IRAs?

A: Private plans like IRA's do build asset value but these plans are also vulnerable to market exploitation. I believe we should continue to have public and private

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Minnesota Senate candidate May 13, 2018

Jim Newberger: Don't privatize Social Security

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Privatize Social Security"?

A: Oppose.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Minnesota Senate candidate Mar 15, 2018

Jim Newberger: Social Security must be protected

Social Security must be protected. We have all paid into this system and our government has promised that our funds will be there when we retire. As your next U.S. Senator, I will make protecting Social Security one of my highest priorities. Every working American deserves to have their futures protected. MAGA!
Source: 2018 Minnesota Senate campaign website Feb 22, 2018

Jason Lewis: Protect Social Security for seniors today & future retirees

A promise made is a promise kept. We absolutely must protect Social Security for today's seniors and those nearing retirement, while ensuring the program is solvent for future generations. The Congressional Budget Office puts the 75-year imbalance in Social Security at $200 billion so if no bipartisan solution is reached, benefits for seniors will be reduced by 21% in 2034. Something we cannot afford to do, however, is raise taxes on social security recipients or payroll taxes on today's working families and citizens. Even doubling the maximum earnings subject to the FICA tax wouldn't substantially reduce the imbalance and would threaten economic growth and jobs vital to the program's solvency in the process. Likewise, means-testing benefits would also undermine support for a federal program designed to be available for all workers at retirement. We must put politics aside and enact bipartisan measures to ensure that benefits are protected for today's seniors and our future retirees.
Source: 2016 Minnesota House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Mike McFadden: Discuss raising the eligibility age for social security

In an Associated Press interview, McFadden endorsed the concept of a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally, and expanded background checks for gun sales. McFadden also says there should be a discussion of raising the eligibility age for social security and Medicare. He's opposed to federal tax increases and abortion.
Source: Associated Press on 2014 Minnesota Senate race Jul 23, 2013

Norm Coleman: For private investment of IRA’s, but against privatization

The Coleman campaign calls the Wellstone TV ad misleading because it implies that Coleman proposes to invest Social Security trust fund money in the stock market. What Coleman calls for is the creation of individual retirement accounts in which Americans could voluntarily invest a percentage of their Social Security withholdings in stocks and bonds. Coleman’s plan would allow workers, roughly age 50 and under, to privately invest two of the 13 cents per dollar they earn that’s withheld for Social Security.

[The new Coleman ad says]: “I don’t support privatizing Social Security and I’ll fight against anybody who would do that. A Coleman spokesman says Wellstone is wrong in equating Coleman’s support for individual retirement accounts with Social Security privatization. [A political analyst notes that] until the stock market plunged, supporters and opponents of the type of accounts Coleman is promoting generally referred to their plans as plans to privatize Social Security.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, Election 2002 coverage Sep 20, 2002

Mark Dayton: People shouldn’t have access to withholdings; too risky

Dayton said allowing people access to their Social Security withholdings endangers the security of retirees. “It’s not a system designed to have people become millionaires,” Dayton said. “We don’t want them to lose everything either.”
Source: By Bob Collins, Minnesota Public Radio on-line Nov 6, 2000

Mark Dayton: Keep Social Security intact

I promise to keep Social Security intact, not take a single dollar out of it. The only real threat to Social Security today are those who would undermine it by diverting some or even most of the funds now going into Social Security for other private accounts or other purposes. My plan would require that surpluses in the Social Security trust fund be set aside exclusively for the benefit of the program.
Source: Minnesota Newspaper Association Election Questionnaire Jul 2, 2000

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