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Kristi Noem: Schools should teach is US is most special nation in history

I have tasked my administration with creating instructional materials and classroom resources on America's founding, our nation's history, and the state's history. We must also do a better job educating teachers on these three subjects. Through all of this, our common mission and key objective needs to be explaining why the United States of America is the most special nation in the history of the world.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2021

Daniel Ahlers: Must invest in schools, teachers and our children

Good jobs follow a good education. We must ensure a high quality education by investing in our schools, teachers and most importantly, our children. In the past 2 years, I have passed legislation to improve educational delivery for students who are deaf and hard of hearing, fought to increase access and funding for college scholarships and helped increase funding to K-12 education. We did this without raising your taxes.
Source: 2020 South Dakota Senate campaign website Dec 25, 2019

Daniel Ahlers: Investing in education invests in our present and our future

His top identified platform issues are education, the economy, and healthcare access. "Good jobs follow a good education," stated Ahlers. "Investing in education invests in our present and our future, driving our economy. Similarly, investing in healthcare access to ensure all have equal access to care is critical to the well-being of the state."
Source: Huron Daily Plainsman on 2020 South Dakota Senate race Dec 16, 2019

Daniel Ahlers: Improve educational services for deaf children

Ahlers listed his legislative accomplishments as helping to balance the state's budget while serving on the Appropriations Committee, improving funding for schools, increasing Medicaid reimbursements to critical need service providers, helping fund the new State Veteran's Cemetery and establishing an advisory council to improve the delivery of educational services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing.
Source: Argus-Leader on South Dakota legislative voting records Sep 26, 2019

Scyller Borglum: Rural education initiative: address gaps in education

Borglum has been traveling around the state for a listening tour about gaps in education access as part of her "rural education initiative" since wrapping up her first legislative session in Pierre. She said she's heard from residents that they see a need for women and young people to get involved in politics.
Source: Sioux Falls Argus Leader on 2020 South Dakota Senate race Jul 1, 2019

Billie Sutton: Strong economy and workforce start with the right education

One of the most important elements of economic and workforce development is education. It is through carefully designed educational experiences that students find their fit in the workforce. We must give schools the resources to build partnerships with tech schools and industries to give opportunities to students of all interests. Billie will work with educators to develop tech experiences and explore ways students can earn high school and college dual credit while gaining work experience.
Source: 2018 South Dakota governor candidate website May 2, 2018

Jay Williams: Served a term on the Yankton school board

"My family and I moved back to South Dakota for the quality of the schools and the sense of community. I'm afraid our young people and those considering a move to South Dakota wouldn't make the same choice to raise a family in our great state today. We need a Senator focused on the priorities that matter to South Dakotans," U.S. Senate candidate Jay Williams said.

"We are excited that Jay has entered the race. He brings a wide range of experience that positions him to be a strong voice for South Dakota," said South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg. Born in Gettysburg, South Dakota, Williams has a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Madison-Wisconsin and has a Master's Degree in Computer Science. He has served in the Navy, Peace Corp and mostly recently a term on the Yankton school board. He has been a small business owner in Yankton since 1987.

Source: Dakota Free Press on 2016 South Dakota Senate race Feb 19, 2016

Jay Williams: I moved back to SD for quality of schools; focus on that

Williams made the announcement [of his Senate candidacy]: "My family and I moved back to South Dakota for the quality of the schools and the sense of community. I'm afraid our young people and those considering a move to South Dakota wouldn't make the same choice to raise a family in our great state today. We need a Senator focused on the priorities that matter to South Dakotans," said Williams.
Source: KDLT-TV on 2015 South Dakota Senate race Feb 19, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Increase teacher salaries to retain and attract hires

SD will have only one new teacher for each position that comes open and the quality of education suffers when schools cannot be selective and have to hire from a very constricted pool of applicants. We need to increase the supply of new teachers entering the field, and we need more current teachers to stay in the field. These shortages are caused by demographic and economic factors, but we cannot fix this problem unless we increase salaries.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Tuition freeze on college education

Students need to be able to attend college or tech school and finish in a reasonable time without an unreasonable debt. I propose to freeze tuition by using one-time funds to repay debt and continuing our state-subsidized dual credit program. Last school year, SD students saved more than $2.5 million by using this program--more than $1,000 per student in savings. Completing college credits while in high school also helps that student succeed in college, by reducing the time needed to graduate
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Increase enrolment in technical institutes

The Build Dakota Scholarship is making postsecondary education an option for more young people by providing a full-ride scholarship for those who will work in a high-need technical field in SD. Overall enrollment at the technical institutes went up--and it went up by even more in these high-demand programs. Before we know it, the first Build Dakota scholars will be graduating and entering the workforce in SD.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Repeal 100 student minimum for state aid to districts

We also must do a better job in the fields of science, technology, engineering, & mathematics. I want to allow local school boards and school administrators to run their own districts. I will be sponsoring bills this year to repeal the 100 student minimu for state aid to school districts, and to remove the cap on school district reserve fund balances. We must trust local officials to make the best decisions for their districts. And if they fail, we must trust local voters to find new local officials.
Source: 2011 South Dakota State of the State Address Jan 11, 2011

Nancy Turbak Berry: Increase teacher pay and student spending annually

Senator Turbak Berry voted YES on SB 157, Teacher Compensation. The Bill Passed the Senate 29 - 5.
Source: South Dakota state legislative voting records Feb 15, 2007

Joel Dykstra: Voted for abstinence-only sex education

Dykstra voted for HB 1217 (Bill Passed 46-24): An Act to provide for the clarification of sexual abstinence instruction. [Vote to pass a bill that requires schools that teach sexual education to use abstinence-only curriculum in schools and allows sex education curriculum to be reviewed by any parent, legal guardian, or citizen. The bill prohibits educators from encouraging, promoting, or providing instruction on the use of contraceptives.]
Source: South Dakota state legislative voting records Feb 7, 2006

John Thune: Teachers & parents know best how to spend education funds

When our educators have the tools they need, I believe that our children can reach their full potential. South Dakota's rural schools have unique needs. That is why I support education proposals that give schools the necessary resources and flexibility while keeping them accountable to taxpayers.

John has consistently fought for more flexibility for smaller school districts. John believes that local people--parents, teachers, school boards, and administrators--know best how to spend education tax dollars.

The federal government made a promise to parents and taxpayers in 1975 to fully fund the special education mandate. John believes the federal government should be held accountable for that promise. While he was in office, John worked to see funding for special education more than double. As Senator, he will work to close the gap to full funding. [Source: Candidate Website ]

Source: profile for 2016 South Dakota Senate race Oct 2, 2004

William Janklow: Reward extra teacher effort with extra pay

Whether people will admit it or not today, youíre going to see an explosion over the next several years of school teachers in different classrooms teaching to many school districts at the same time over and over throughout the day. Weíre asking for legislation to be passed that mandates when teachers teach for more than one school district, they will be compensated accordingly and not just by some set schedule on how many credit hours they have in college and how many years theyíve taught. There has to be recognition financially for those people that are taking on this far greater effort and developing those far greater skills, and not all of us are capable of doing it. Some of us are. Some of us arenít.
Source: State-of-the-State Address to South Dakota House Jan 9, 2001

William Janklow: $9500 for college tuition for all Regents grads

The Mickelson Scholarship program [included a] $1500 stipend that had to be matched by the universities for students who were National Merit Scholar semifinalists. The success rate on the Mickelsons has not been good for the expenditures. [Under our new scholarship proposal, students] will have to use it for 4 consecutive years whenever they start. They canít quit college and then come back. Theyíll get a progressively higher amount every year-$1500, $2000, $2500, $3000. It will be $9500 to the student over a four-year period of time.
Source: State-of-the-State Address to South Dakota House Jan 9, 2001

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