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John Cox: Blaming climate change for wildfires unacceptable

Putting an End to Devastating Wildfires. Blaming climate change is unacceptable; we must adapt; we must improve our forest management system by managing vegetation, reducing hazards, and maintaining forest health. Additionally, I have proposed the idea of an "Air Armada" with 100 large tanker equipped jets to deliver overwhelming force to fires. This gives fire-fighting teams a quick response to stop fires before they become infernos that threaten our families and California's wildlife.
Source: Campaign website for 2021 CA recall race Feb 15, 2021

John Melendez: Promoting hemp will protect our amazing planet

The paper industry is cutting down trees, which is not only destroying the environment, but it is displacing many animals. Paper production from trees is insufficient compared to the production of Hemp. With Hemp, we can produce clothing, candles, fuel and all paper goods. I will stand up to all lobbyists who seek to undermine the protection of this amazing planet and fight to implement the use of Hemp.
Source: 2018 CA Senate campaign website Aug 1, 2017

Jimmy Gomez: Fund river revitalization; fight for environmental justice

Jimmy received the Green Leadership Award for "bold environmental leadership" from Green California, a coalition of over 100 environmental organizations, and is endorsed by the Sierra Club. In the Assembly, Jimmy advanced bills to fund grants for river revitalization. Jimmy will continue to fight for environmental justice, preserving our natural resources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, investing in mass transit, and smart development.
Source: 2017 CA House campaign website, Jun 6, 2017

Jimmy Gomez: Protect endangered species; and protect animal shelters

As the owner of a shelter dog, Austin, Jimmy Gomez is a huge proponent of animal adoption from shelters and rescues. In addition to hosting numerous pet adoption and care events in his district, Jimmy received a 100% scorecard rating from the California Humane Association for the last 4 years. In Congress, Jimmy will push to increase enforcement funding to protect endangered species from poaching, add penalties for animal cruelty and allow expanded access for service animals for veterans.
Source: 2017 CA House campaign website, Jun 6, 2017

David Hadley: Protect wildlife corridors and marine areas

In the Assembly, David Hadley voted to establish a statewide policy to protect wildlife corridors and to coordinate government efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

A steward of our environment, David Hadley also voted for greater enforcement restrictions that protect our state's marine areas as well as improved standards for measuring air pollution--and, he was the deciding committee vote to ban bullhooks used to inhumanely control elephants.

Source: 2018 CA gubernatorial campaign website May 2, 2017

Delaine Eastin: Pushed landfill cleanup and innovative recycling

As chair of the Governmental Efficiency and Consumer Protection Committee, Eastin carried the biggest landfill cleanup bill in the state's history, and won numerous awards for her innovative recycling legislation. She carried legislation to ensure that local transportation measures were not stalled for years at Caltrans and was awarded the Legislator of the Year Award by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the first Assemblymember and woman to ever win that award.
Source: 2018 CA Governor campaign website May 2, 2017

Jimmy Panetta: Collaborate to protect of our coastline, farmland, & forests

Our coastline is priceless and keeping it that way is essential. Protecting our environment will always be one of Jimmy's top priorities. In Congress, he knows that progress can only be made by listening to all sides and bringing everyone to the table to find solutions. Jimmy knows that collaboration is the key to getting competing interests to work together for common good because our local economy, tourism, and agriculture are all dependent upon protection of our water, farmland and forests.

As a member of the Advisory Council for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Jimmy has witnessed the importance of the collaboration between our marine research institutions and the health and well being of our oceans and marine life. Jimmy will build upon the work of Congressman Sam Farr to establish a recreation trail that will border the entire Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Source: 2016 CA House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Nanette Barragan: Fight to protect public health from big corporate polluters

As a councilmember, Nanette championed environmental initiatives and will continue to support and lead efforts to preserve open space, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and increase solar installations by making them more affordable. In recognition of her work, Nanette was honored by the Sierra Club with one of their 2015 political leadership awards on the environment.

Nanette will continue to fight to protect our public health. We need a representative who will not pander to big corporate polluters who put the health and safety of our communities at risk--raising asthma rates and respiratory illness and making climate change impacts worse. We owe it to our children to leave them a better planet than the one we inherited. We can and will move towards a sustainable future for our community by ending tax breaks for these polluters and using that money to create new, good-paying, renewable energy jobs and taking the positive steps to protect our community's health currently harmed by pollution.

Source: 2016 CA House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

John Chiang: Safeguard our vast and precious natural resources

Controller Chiang is committed to safeguarding California's vast and precious natural resources. He has joined with institutional investors managing $4 trillion in assets to call on federal lawmakers to enact a national standard to address global warming. A State Lands Commission member (and chairman during even years), he has opposed new offshore oil leases and is committed to preserving the State's 1,100 miles of coastline
Source: 2018 CA Gubernatorial campaign website Nov 1, 2014

Michele Bachmann: EPA rulemaking has been based on politics, not science

I think it's important to note that the president recognized how devastating the EPA has been in their rulemaking, so much so that the president had to suspend current EPA rules that would have led to the shutting down of potentially 20% of all of America's coal plants.

Coal is the source that brings 45% of America's electricity. What we're seeing is that a political agenda is being advanced instead of a scientific agenda. And this is leading to massive numbers of jobs being lost.

The president told us he wanted to be like Spain when it came to green job creation, and yet Spain has one of the highest levels of unemployment. The president is bringing that here in the United States. And I think tomorrow night, when the nation tunes in to the president, I'm afraid that we won't be seeing permanent solution. I'm afraid what we'll be seeing are temporary gimmicks and more of the same that he's given before.

Source: 2011 GOP debate in Simi Valley CA at the Reagan Library Sep 7, 2011

Rick Perry: We reduced NO2 and ozone in TX without scientists dictating

Q: Are there specific scientists that you've found especially compelling on climate change?

PERRY: Let me tell you what I find compelling, is what we've done in Texas, using our ability to regulate our clean air. We cleaned up our air in the state of Texas, more than any other state in the nation during the decade. Nitrous oxide levels, down by 57%. Ozone levels down by 27%. That's the way you need to do it, not by some scientist somewhere saying, "Here is what we think is happening out there."

Source: 2011 GOP debate in Simi Valley CA at the Reagan Library Sep 7, 2011

Carly Fiorina: Protect families, not just fish and flies and frogs

Q: You are a big advocate of cutting government regulation of business. Can you give us some examples of regulations that you think should be reduced, and does that include environmental regulation?

Fiorina: Well certainly there are many reasons for a rational regulatory policy. But unfortunately we see too many cases where regulations have run amok, and they are costing us jobs. Let us just start with the most obvious example: that of water in our great Central Valley. In 2008, a nameless, faceless bureaucrat decided that the smelt was endangered. The remedy for this was to turn the water off flowing through the pumps in the delta, and with that decision, hundreds of thousands of acres lay fallow, tens of thousands of people at the height of it were out of work. Of course it is important to protect our environment, it is important to protect our fish and our flies and our frogs, all which are endangered in California, but it's important to protect our families as well.

Source: 2010 CA Senate general election Debate on KPCC Sep 29, 2010

Carly Fiorina: Account for social & economic impact of Endangered Species

Q: Could you please detail which environmental regulations should be reduced?

Fiorina: When we have something like the Endangered Species Act--just one example--of course we need to protect our endangered species. But when, by statute, that law requires someone to disregard all social and economic impact; in other words, when the regulation says that we should protect species at any cost, and we are costing people jobs, which is what is happening today, then that would be an example of where I think common sense should, and compassion should prevail. And it's relevant, of course, because the Endangered Species Act has spawned many regulations in California, no pun intended, and it has made, for example, the building of new manufacturing facilities very difficult.

Source: 2010 CA Senate general election Debate on KPCC Sep 29, 2010

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