Doug Burgum in Second GOP presidential debate

On Drugs: Helicopters from North Dakota to fight drugs in Mexico

We're already doing it in North Dakota. The border plans that they all talk about, we've got troops down at the border flying helicopter missions from North Dakota, from San Diego to the Gulf Coast trying to stop transnational criminal organizations from inflicting the invasion and the mass casualties in our state.
Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

On Energy & Oil: Biden's climate policy is existential threat to America

[On Biden's appeasement of China]: We're in a cold war with China. We're going to give Ukraine to Russia, and then we're going to give Taiwan to China, and think that's a foreign policy? That will make our nation less successful, make us more poor.

And at the core of all that is energy policy, because China imports 10 million barrels of oil a day. They're the largest import in the world. And we have had four Cabinet members from the Biden administration there this summer, and none of them talked about U.S. energy.

The first one to go to each of those countries was [Climate Envoy John] Kerry to talk about the folly of the climate policy, which is making the world less stable. It's empowering dictators. It's not about climate change that we need to be worried about. It's about the Biden climate policies that are actually the existential threat to America's future.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

On Environment: Rare earths from China are destroying the planet

The reason why [autoworker union] people are striking in Detroit is because of Joe Biden's interference with capital markets, and with free markets. We're subsidizing the automakers, and we're subsidizing a particular kind of car: we're subsidizing electric vehicles. [Should we] take a billion dollars, and subsidize a certain type of vehicle, and the batteries come from China?

China controls 85% of the Rare Earth minerals. They're called Rare Earth, because they're measured in parts per million. China is moving 100,000 pounds of Earth, in Indonesia, in Africa. They're literally destroying the planet, so that we can make a battery that's in a car, subsidized here. That's why they're striking, because they need two-thirds less workers to build an electric car. This strike is at Joe Biden's feet.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

On Families & Children: Family and mental health are solution to mass shootings

Q: For the first time ever, a Univision poll found that mass shootings and gun safety are one of the most important issue for Latino voters. Mental health concerns are not unique to the United States, but gun violence is. What is your specific plan to curb gun violence?

BURGUM: The liberal left seems to be just completely bent on prosecuting law-abiding citizens that are gun owners. But strict gun laws [aren't] working. What we have to do is get back to the core issues about the family. We have to get back to behavioral health and mental health. We have got to get back to actually enforcing the laws, [instead of] defunding the police. The police have become the bad guys. Every time I see a policeman, the first thing I say is, "Thank you." And so does everybody else in my family and most of the people in our state, because they know we have to respect the people that are out there defending us every single day.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

On Health Care: Things get more expensive as they get less competitive

Q: Health care is the leading cause of bankruptcy for American families. Your plan?

BURGUM: We're not talking about the real problem ever. We talk about why do we have the most expensive health care in the world? It's because the federal government got involved. In 2008, they said, "We're going to subsidize a particular kind of software to make everything more productive."

All of you have been to a doctor's office--when the doctor's got his back to you, and their hand's on a keyboard? The only industry in the world, that's ever absorbed $1 trillion of IT and became less productive--they saw less patients per day--is U.S. health care, because they were subsidizing a certain kind of technology. It wasn't about improving health care. It was about picking winners and losers. Every time the federal government's involved, things get more expensive, and less competitive.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

On War & Peace: We're in a Cold War and a Cyber War with China

Q: The U.S. and China are in this fierce economic competition. It's hurting American businesses & farmers, because China targets them in retaliation. Your plan?

BURGUM: First of all, [if Americans] have a level playing field, they can outcompete anyone in the world. But this is part of the larger issue, which is, we're in a cold war with China. The Biden administration won't admit that. But we're also in a economic war through what we're doing with agriculture and energy. And we're also in a war with them relative to cyber war. We get attacked every day in North Dakota--every state, every school district--all being attacked every day by either China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea. And now we have got a Biden administration whose whole policy is appeasement, making the world less safe. And then they're also helping Iran get closer to nuclear weapon, then which pushes all of the Middle East closer to China and Russia.

Source: Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley Sep 27, 2023

The above quotations are from Fox Business 2023 Republican primary debate in Simi Valley and commentary.
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