Eric Swalwell in Survey of 2020 Presidential campaign websites

On Crime: Give more resources to state and local law enforcement

As a former prosecutor, I spent seven years fighting to make sure those who violated the law are punished. The federal government should support state and local law enforcement with the resources they need. I was the lead Democratic House cosponsor of the˙Rapid DNA Act of 2017, which President Trump signed. This law helps local law enforcement use new technology to speed up justice by letting police˙perform real-time DNA testing at the time of arrest within their own booking stations.
Source: 2020 presidential campaign website May 2, 2019

On Education: Future Forum: focus on college affordability & student debt

My Capitol Hill internship coincided with the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, cementing my resolve to enter public service and inspiring my first legislative achievement: creating a public-private college scholarship program for students who lost parents in the attacks. After earning a law degree, working as a county prosecutor, and serving on the Dublin City Council, I won my first House term in 2012 by defeating a 40-year incumbent.

In April 2015, I founded Future Forum: a group of young Democratic Members of Congress, now numbering almost 50, focused on issues of key importance to millennials including college affordability and student loan debt; jobs and economic opportunity; home ownership; and climate change. As chairman, I visited almost 50 U.S. cities to listen to thousands of young Americans and bring their ideas back to Washington to guide policy.

Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website May 2, 2019

On Education: World-class modern schoolhouses, regardless of ZIP Code

Every American child deserves a world-class education in a modern schoolhouse, regardless of wealth or ZIP Code. And we must re-associate college with opportunity instead of crushing debt that leaves many unable to launch businesses, buy homes, or start families. We need no-interest federal student loans, tax-free employer contributions, and debt-free college for public university students who do work-study and commit to bettering their communities after graduation.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website May 2, 2019

On Gun Control: National ban and buyback of semiautomatic assault weapons

Ending Gun Violence: No more turning a blind eye to American lives stolen by gun violence. We must enact truly universal background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases, do more to take guns away from domestic abusers, push states to adopt gun violence restraining order laws, and remove weapons of war from our communities once and for all. I'm the only candidate calling for a mandatory national ban and buyback of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website May 2, 2019

On Health Care: Guarantee: If you're sick, you see a doctor & not go broke

Too many Americans still find themselves having to choose between paying rent or paying medical bills, between buying food or buying prescriptions-- and nobody should have to rely on a GoFundMe or a collection jar because they've fallen ill. Americans need a healthcare guarantee: If you're sick, you'll be seen by a doctor, and if you're seen, you'll never go broke because of it. We also must make a huge public investment in finding cures in our lifetime for the diseases that ail us, from Alzheimer's to ALS to cancer. Our technology is surging forward, our innovation is vast - we should focus that on saving lives.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website May 2, 2019

On Social Security: Wants more payroll tax to keep Social Security solvent

I am committed to protecting our seniors and preserving the programs that have kept so many out of poverty. In Congress, I will work to preserve and protect Social Security, for example by raising the cap on earnings subject to the payroll tax. I strongly oppose using the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for Social Security Benefits. While the budgetary challenges we face are serious, we should not be balancing the budget on the backs of seniors.
Source: 2020 presidential campaign website May 2, 2019

The above quotations are from Survey of 2020 Presidential campaign websites.
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