Tom Steyer in Interviews during 2017-2019

On Civil Rights: African-Americans waited for centuries for civil rights

Steyer appealed to the exasperation and skepticism expressed by some people. "Most Democratic elected officials are saying, 'It's inconvenient at this point to bring up [impeachment]," Steyer said. "Looking at a room with a lot of African-Americans in it, we all know that the history was that people did not bring up the human rights and the civil rights for African-Americans for centuries because it was 'inconvenient' and not politically expedient."
Source: S.Kleiner in 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 23, 2018

On Crime: Backs bill to release accused criminals who can't pay bail

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who has been pushing for President Donald Trump's impeachment and recently spent $3 million to register Latino voters, also is working hard this week to resuscitate a California state bill that would end the process of demanding thousands of dollars in cash bail from suspected criminals. The measure is aimed at trying to ensure that accused criminals awaiting trial do not remain in jail solely because they cannot afford to pay bail.
Source: S.Crabtree in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 10, 2018

On Families & Children: Republicans have traded their family values for power

For all their talk of "family values," establishment Republicans have shown they only truly value one thing: power. And they will do anything to maintain their grip on it. Why else would Mitch McConnell refuse to hold a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland? Why else would state legislators sell their soul and pass laws designed to stop African American voter participation? The GOP has abandoned its moral compass, and it's up to us to do what's right. We have to raise our voices.
Source: Facebook posting by Tom Steyer, 2020 presidential hopeful Feb 26, 2018

On War & Peace: Trump foreign policy strategy is to react, not think

There is no Trump foreign policy. There is no thinking. There is only political posturing and impulsive reaction. Weak and dangerous.
Source: Twitter posting by Tom Steyer, 2020 presidential hopeful Feb 26, 2018

On Gun Control: Targets youth voter registration for pro gun control votes

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, a billionaire Democratic donor is pledging $1 million to help young people register to vote with the hope that they will help elect pro-gun control politicians in the midterm elections. "Over the last week, we've all had a chance to hear the powerful, thoughtful, important appeals from the Floridian high school students about the need for meaningful gun control," Tom Steyer says in a video posted to Twitter Thursday.
Source: CNN coverage of Twitter posting on 2020 presidential hopeful Feb 23, 2018

On Budget & Economy: Trump's $1T deficit is historic fiscal mismanagement

If you follow the money to understand priorities and values, Trump's budget plan will make your hair stand on end. First, his infrastructure scam neglects crucial environmental protections for our air, water, and wildlife, while allowing the billionaires in his cabinet & corporate allies to build dirty fossil fuel pipelines and toxic waste dumps that harm our communities. Putting our country more than a trillion dollars in the red every year is fiscal mismanagement of historic proportions.˙
Source: Twitter posting by Tom Steyer, 2020 presidential hopeful Feb 12, 2018

On Government Reform: Looking for old fashioned values, character and transparency

Q: Has President Trump made the whole prospect of successful business figures in public office more or less enticing?

STEYER: When I look at America today, what I am looking for is people who are willing to be transparent, who have real principles, who go back to what I think of as basic American values. I'm looking for people of character to stand up for the same values that have characterized our country for hundreds of years.

Source: Scott Simon, NPR host, on 2020 presidential hopefuls Feb 10, 2018

On Jobs: Closed tax loophole on out of state business, creating jobs

Tom Steyer is a California business leader, philanthropist and advanced energy advocate. In 2010, Tom teamed up with former Secretary of State George Shultz to defeat Proposition 23, an effort by out-of-state oil companies to dismantle California's groundbreaking clean energy law. In 2012, Tom served as co-chair with Shultz for Yes on Proposition 39, which closed a tax loophole for out-of-state corporations and created jobs in California.˙
Source: K.McIntosh, 2020 presidential hopefuls Jan 1, 2018

On Immigration: $2.3M to recruit and train immigrant advocates

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, is stepping up support of immigrant rights with a $2.3-million donation to the University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center and seven other organizations. The gift from Steyer's nonprofit, NextGen America, will support a national legal services network to help recruit and train more advocates for immigrants. About $90,000 will help the UC center hire a full-time immigration attorney for a year at UC Riverside, where Steyer visited Friday.
Source: Teresa Watanabe in L.A. Times on 2020 presidential hopefuls Oct 20, 2017

On Tax Reform: Tax reform bill keeps the rich happy but hurts middle class

"It turned out that the system that had benefited people like me, was in fact stacked against everyone else. It's why I left my investment firm and resolved to use my savings for the public good," Steyer says. "But here we are, 9 years later, and this President and a Republican Congress are making a bad situation even worse."

"They won't tell you that their so-called tax reform plan is really for the wealthy and big corporations while hurting the middle class. It blows up the deficit," he says.

Source: CNN coverage, "$10M ad buy" on 2020 presidential hopefuls Oct 16, 2017

On Abortion: Pro-choice is a litmus test for all support

Democratic donor and activist Tom Steyer says he won't support pro-life candidates in the 2018 elections. "We're pro-choice," the hedge fund manager told Politico during the leftwing Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta over the weekend. "We do not work for a single candidate who is not pro-choice," he added. "I think people like to have litmus tests. We are explicitly pro-choice. We work a lot with Planned Parenthood, we work a lot with NARAL. We are absolutely committed to it."
Source: Susan Berry in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Aug 15, 2017

On Corporations: Trump puts corporate interests ahead of people's interests

Q: During the confirmation hearings for Rex Tillerson and others, you took out attack ads.

Steyer: Those guys disagree with us on almost every point. One of the things we strongly believe is that the people Trump nominated put corporate interests ahead of American interests. We feel it's important to get citizens to be reminded of this common thread: that the new administration doesn't hate working against climate change, they don't hate science--they just love oil and gas profits.

Source: Nick Stockton in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 23, 2017

On Energy & Oil: NextGen Climate: $170 million to advance renewable energy

Tom Steyer isn't your average California tree hugger. His organization, NextGen Climate, has spent $170 million over the past four years advocating for policies and politicians that help the environment and advance renewable energy.
Source: Nick Stockton in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 23, 2017

On Energy & Oil: Fears current policies will subsidize fossil fuel extraction

The issue is going to be, to an extent, what the new administration will do to subsidize fossil fuels--how they can make dirtier fuel, which is more expensive, more attractive. Maybe that means leasing public lands at low prices. But the only thing they can really do to ensure long-term drilling is put in infrastructure, like pipelines.
Source: Nick Stockton in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 23, 2017

On Energy & Oil: Supports Paris agreement to develop renewable technology

Q: Given what you know about how policy moves markets, what will we give up when Trump pulls the US out of the Paris agreement?

Steyer: OK, so look at the Paris agreement: It's going to force the developed world to change its energy sources. That means the US could be the leader in developing renewable technology for more than a billion people--a huge incoming market--who don't have electricity at all.

Source: Nick Stockton in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Mar 23, 2017

On Health Care: We need transparency on all drug prices

Drug price transparency is a key piece of any equitable health care system.
Source: Twitter posting by Tom Steyer, 2020 presidential hopeful Feb 27, 2017

On Tax Reform: Implement 1 percent annual wealth tax on America's richest

Along with filling in the holes of our Swiss cheese tax code, Congress should institute a new type of tax altogether: a 1 percent annual wealth tax on the top .1 percent of Americans. Here's what that would look like. If you are worth more than $20 million, you'll pay a single penny on every dollar you have above that level. No deductions, no exemptions, no loopholes at all. Every .1 percenter pays.
Source: Steyer Op-Ed in USA Today by 2020 presidential hopefuls Oct 22, 2016

On Education: Opportunity Institute: cradle to career approach

The Opportunity Institute will take a "cradle to career" approach to improving education outcomes. It is also backed by philanthropist Tom Steyer, who is the organization's board chair. "Every child needs access to a quality education, clean air and water, and economic security in order to realize their full potential," he said. "Yet today too many children grow up in poverty and without the basic building blocks˙of opportunity and prosperity."
Source: L.Fredberg in on 2020 presidential hopefuls Feb 17, 2016

On Energy & Oil: AdWatch: Do even more with endless supply of wind and sun

Tom Steyer jumpstarted his campaign with this ad, running during the Democratic debate, that makes a pitch for clean energy. Steyer himself stars in it and repeats NextGen's demand that 2016 candidates embrace an energy-use goal of 50 percent renewables by 2030 (and all of the Democrats have). What's odd about the ad is how much it sounds like he's running his own campaign for office. Steyer is widely rumored to be considering a run for California governor, after he decided not to run for Senate in 2016.

"I'm Tom Steyer," he says. "With bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do even more. The goal is 50 percent by 2030."

He concludes the ad by saying, "So what are we waiting for?"

We're waiting for Steyer to announce his run, apparently.

Source: The New Republic magazine on 2020 presidential hopefuls Jul 2, 2015

On Energy & Oil: Proposed 10% on oil extraction to support university system

Tom Steyer wants to bail out California's troubled university system with a 10 percent oil extraction tax. The proposal is to place a 10% tax on oil extraction. It is expected the tax would generate about $2 billion annually. The last attempt to enact such a tax, Proposition 87 in 2006, went down because opponents made the case the new tax would lead to higher gas prices.
Source: Human Events magazine on 2020 presidential hopefuls May 26, 2015

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