Doug Burgum in 2019 Governor's State of the State speeches

On Civil Rights: Fly flags of ND tribal nations at Governor's Office

We've expanded opportunities for communication, collaboration, and meaningful engagement with each of the sovereign tribal nations within our borders. Our Indian Affairs Commission hosted two well-attended conferences this past year on strengthening government to government relationships and partnerships--bringing together tribal leaders--federal--state--and local officials.

As we continue to engage with the tribes in discussions about priorities, we will do so with mutual respect and the understanding that we are all North Dakotans. In that spirit of mutual respect, we're honored to announce that the Governor's Office will begin to display the flags of the five tribal nations with whom we share geography--alongside our state and national flags--outside of the Governor's Office in Memorial Hall.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Drugs: Remove shame and stigma from the disease of addiction

Addiction and mental health issues can keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Our state suffers from a behavioral health crisis, which carries significant negative impacts for our people--our families--and our economy. The First Lady has been an incredibly courageous leader in addressing head-on the disease of addiction--with the goal of eliminating the shame and stigma of the disease of addiction so we can normalize the conversation like we do around any other chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal disease.

In October, more than 1,200 people attended our second annual Recovery Reinvented summit in person or online--sharing best practices and further lifting the veil of shame and stigma. We're also seeing progress with Free Through Recovery--a program that provides effective, community-based behavioral health services to help those involved with the criminal justice system and struggling with addiction.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Education: Invest in K-12 for our No. 1 resource--our young people

Our private sector prosperity has allowed us to build and maintain a strong foundation in K-12 and higher education--investing in our No. 1 resource--the young people of North Dakota. Right now, we can make smart, bold investments with long-lasting impacts--while delivering a fiscally conservative and structurally sound budget that improves transparency--replenishes reserves--and does this all without raising taxes!

In 2017, we set out to transform education in North Dakota. Our goal: to ensure our K12 and higher education systems are best equipped to adapt to new technologies and delivery methods--and prepare students for success in the fast-changing digital economy. We supported establishing the K-12 Innovation Academy. This partnership-- between public entities and private philanthropy--supplies concrete strategies for transforming education--while also creating a statewide network to advance best practices and community-led initiatives.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Energy & Oil: Lignite (brown coal) is transforming power plant emissions

Our lignite industry continues to innovate and invest--providing essential baseload electricity to the grid--despite long-term economic and regulatory uncertainty created by over-reaching federal policy in the previous administration. Project Tundra--which aims to capture carbon dioxide that can be used to revitalize old oil wells--was recently awarded the largest grant in the history of the Lignite Research Council, $15 million. This partnership between the Energy and Environmental Research Center at UND-- lignite--and the oil and gas industry--is transforming power plant emissions to a marketable, value-added commodity.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Environment: Innovation--not regulation--solves oil & gas challenges

We believe innovation--not regulation--is the best way to solve complex challenges in a digital age. Adding value to our enormous natural gas production is a tremendous opportunity. Converting gas to plastics or fertilizer--using gas to heat commercial-scale greenhouses for year-round local food production--converting gas to electrons to be exported on transmission lines--or reinjecting gas back into the ground as part of enhanced oil recovery- each of these represents a billion-dollar business opportunity. Substantial progress on gas capture is in our near future--with billions of private capital being invested in mid-stream processing and gathering pipelines-- but more capacity will be needed as our gas-to-oil ratio continues to grow. And we must ensure our regulations incent--versus discourage--capital investment.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Homeland Security: State income tax exemption on military retirement pay

We're pleased to see proposed legislation that would grant occupational licensing reciprocity to military spouses. Making North Dakota more military-friendly is key to solving our workforce shortage. Our budget proposes a 100 percent state income tax exemption on military retirement pay to encourage more veterans to stay and work in North Dakota. We should thank our veterans for their service not only with our words--but with our actions--as they certainly have earned it. And let us always remember that since 9-11, we've had North Dakota National Guard members continuously deployed in harm's way, defending our freedoms. I would ask that both our veterans and active duty servicemen and women please stand and be recognized.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Technology: $1.5B for roads, water projects, & airport infrastructure

Past governors and legislatures have established a legacy of strong investments in infrastructure. We aim to build on that legacy, proposing nearly $1.5 billion for roads--essential water projects--and airport infrastructure--as well as the $174 million for technology investments.

With the Legacy Fund, we have an opportunity to create a new kind of infrastructure legacy. Infrastructure is a top priority for our administration, and this is the largest piece of our plan for Legacy Fund earnings.

By investing $55 million into an infrastructure revolving loan fund, we can leverage an estimated $370 million in borrowing power. Imagine--a source of super low-interest loans for local political subdivisions to support everything from street paving and sewer replacement--to flood control projects and water treatment plants. Our communities will benefit for generations to come.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

On Welfare & Poverty: World poverty is down; world health is up; ND will benefit

Our total population now surpasses 760,000--for the first time in state history. Many of our citizens had direct experience with our decades of rural depopulation--and claims that "things are getting worse." The facts clearly show otherwise.

Extreme global poverty has been cut in half over the last 20 years. 75% of the world now lives in middle income countries. Global life expectancy is up to 72 years. Across the globe, we've seen dramatic decreases in deaths related to disease, war and natural disasters--and dramatic increases in access to clean water and electricity, literacy, food production, internet access and immunizations. Abundance--by nearly every measure--is on the rise.

Why does this matter to North Dakota? For two reasons. A world with improving health and increasing incomes will consume more energy--more food--and more technology. The world will need more and more of what North Dakota has. Second, it matters in the context of the US--and North Dakota's role in the world.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2019

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