Amy Klobuchar in June Democratic candidates debate in Miami FL

On Education: Magic genie could fix college cost; I'd focus on Pell Grants

Q: You've called programs like free college something you might do if you were "a magic genie." To be blunt, are the government programs and benefits that some of your rivals are offering giving people a false sense of what's actually achievable?

KLOBUCHAR: Not everyone is sharing in this [current economic] prosperity. I do get concerned about paying for college for rich kids. I do. But I think my plan is a good one. And my plan would be:

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Foreign Policy: Iran nuclear deal was imperfect but made us more safe

Q: Can you argue that that nuclear pact as it was ratified was a good deal?

A: It was imperfect, but it was a good deal for that moment. I would have worked to get longer sunset periods, and that's something we could negotiate, to get back in the deal. But Trump told us when he got out of it that he was going to give us a better deal. Now we are a month away from the Iranians, who claim now that they're going blow the caps on enriching uranium. And the Iranians have told us this.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Gun Control: No gun confiscation; sensible gun laws don't hurt hunters

Q: Some Democrats support gun buy-backs -- opponents will call that gun confiscation, right? If the government is buying back, how do you not have that conversation?

Amy Klobuchar: That's not confiscation. You could give them the offer to buy back their gun.I look at these proposals and I say, does this hurt my Uncle Dick and his deer stand, coming from a proud hunting and fishing state? These proposals don't do that. Now these Parkland kids from Florida, they started a national shift. You know why? It's just like with gay marriage. When kids talked to their parents and their grandparents, they say I don't understand why we can't put these sensible things in place, they listen. And if we get bested by a bunch of 17-year-olds it's the best thing that ever happened.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Health Care: Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices & re-import

2,500 drugs have gone up in double-digits since he came into office. Instead, [Trump]gave $100 billion in giveaways to the pharma companies. My proposal is to do something about pharma, to take them on, to allow negotiation under Medicare, to bring in less expensive drugs from other countries
Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Health Care: Medicare/Medicaid can be step towards universal care

I think we share the goal of universal health care. This idea is that you use Medicare or Medicaid without any insurance companies involved, you can do it either way. And the estimates are 13 million people would see a reduction in their premiums, 12 more million people would get covered. I think it is a beginning and the way you start and the way you move to universal health care.
Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Immigration: 25% of our Nobel laureates were born in other countries

Q: Secretary Castro just said that he wants to no longer have it be a crime to illegally cross the border. Do you support that? Do you think it should be a civil offense only?

KLOBUCHAR: Immigrants, they do not diminish America. They are America. But I do think you want to make sure that you have provisions in place that allow you to go after traffickers and allow you to go after people who are violating the law. What I really think we need to step back and talk about is the economic imperative here. And that is that 70 of our Fortune 500 companies are headed by people that came from other countries. Twenty-five percent of our U.S. Nobel laureates were born in other countries. We have a situation right now where we need workers in our fields and in our factories. We need them to start small businesses. We need their ideas. And this president has literally gone backwards at a time when our economy needs immigrants.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Principles & Values: I passed over 100 bills because I listen and I act

I listen to people and that's how I get things done. That is my focus. I have a track record of passing over 100 bills where I'm the lead Democrat. And that is because I listened and I acted. And I think that's important in a president. Everything else just melts away. I am not the establishment party candidate. But I can promise you this. I am going to govern with integrity.
Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On War & Peace: Require that Trump consult Congress before war with Iran

Trump has made us less safe than we were when he became president. So what I would do is stand with our allies, and not give unlimited leverage to China and Russia, which is what he has done.

I would make sure that if there is any possibility of a conflict--and we're having this debate in Congress right now--that he comes to Congress for an authorization of military force. I would do that.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

The above quotations are from NBC News, "Decision 2020," the Democratic candidates debate,
live from the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center in Miami, Florida, June 26-27, 2019..
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