Julian Castro in 2010-2013 Mayor's Press Releases

On Energy & Oil: Federal funding to jumpstart green jobs

Weatherization and Green Jobs: San Antonio's municipally-owned utility, City Public Service (CPS) Energy, recently announced that it will invest $850 million as part of a comprehensive citywide weatherization, energy efficiency and conservation program: the Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP). STEP will help spur the creation new green markets and green jobs, and participants agreed that the City of San Antonio must expand and develop new green jobs training programs to align with this significant investment.
Source: City of San Antonio Mayoral press release, "Job Summit" Jan 8, 2010

On Jobs: 2009: Convened San Antonio Job Summit

On December 16, 2009, Mayor Julian Castro convened the 2009 San Antonio Job Summit, a half-day forum bringing together key stakeholders in the community. More than 100 leaders from the business and public sectors joined to provide answers to questions posed by President Obama's Forum on Jobs and Economic Development. The stakeholders represented the following economic sectors: manufacturing, aviation, technology, cyber security, government, insurance, utilities, communication, non-profit, education, small and micro-business, hospitality, labor, and local Chambers of Commerce. After presentations by Mayor Castro and a local economist on the state of the national, regional, and local economies, attendees were divided into 12 roundtable discussions. Conclusions on Federal Policy Implications include that the federal government should enact policies that encourage the resumption of lending nationwide.
Source: City of San Antonio Mayoral press release, "Job Summit" Jan 8, 2010

On Technology: Investments in mass transit could stimulate job creation