Joe Sestak in Survey of 2010 Senate campaign websites

On Social Security: Co-sponsored the Social Security Fairness Act

Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Aug 12, 2010

On Social Security: Oppose privatization; would have lost income in recession

Looking forward, we see that the programs seniors rely on today are in jeopardy. The Medicare Trust fund is scheduled to run out by 2017 and the Social Security trust fund will run out in 2037. I believe we should preserve long term fiscal solvency not by cutting benefits but by reexamining the way we find revenues for social security benefits.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Aug 12, 2010

On Abortion: Right to choose is part of securing future for women

To ensure the opportunity for a more secure future for women and their families, Joe believes we need to ensure that women are not only provided fair wages, but also benefits that are based on their performance; equal rights to challenge unfair labor practices, secure health and safety--including the right to choose--skill training in fields that are underrepresented by women; and secure retirements and pensions that guarantee their independence and economic security in the coming years.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Dec 25, 2009

On Budget & Economy: State revenue has declined due to lower employment

We remain in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Unemployment stands above 9%, the housing market is in its worst state since the 1930s, and turmoil in the financial markets continues to threaten all Americans' long-term security. State tax revenue has declined with lower home sales, property values and corporate profits, resulting in a record gap between state revenue and expenditures.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Dec 25, 2009

On Civil Rights: Equal LGBT rights

Joe Sestak's position on the civil rights issues of the LGBT community is born out of his experience in the military, where he served alongside brave lesbian and gay service members. Having seen their dedication, their allegiance, and their sacrifices, he believes it is only fair that they receive equal rights when they return home.