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Full funding for all schools regardless of zip code

Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website Marianne2024.com , Jun 6, 2023

Getting rid of college debt will stimulate economy

I think that all domestic and international policy should be based on the idea that anything we do to help people thrive is a stimulation to our economy. If we get rid of this college debt, think of all the young people who will have the discretionary spending; they'll be able to start their business. The best thing you could do to stimulate the U.S. economy is to get rid of this debt. This is not just about a plan to do it. It's about a philosophy of governing.
Source: July Democratic Primary debate (first night in Detroit) , Jul 30, 2019

Fund schools with federal mandate, not property taxes

The truth of the matter is we are the only advanced industrialized nation that bases our educational funding on property taxes. What this means is that a child in a financially advantaged neighborhood stands a good chance of getting a very high-quality public school education here. But if a child does not grow up in a financially advantaged neighborhood, then the opportunities are far less for a higher quality education. There should be a federal mandate.
Source: CBS Face the Nation interviews in 2019 , Jul 28, 2019

Educational funding should not come from property taxes

Williamson said, "When I lived in Michigan and my daughter attended Grosse Pointe South, there were people who lived in Detroit who would rent apartments -- so that their children, even though they came from Detroit, could go to Grosse Pointe South, which was a better high school than the one in their neighborhood." . Williamson said that experience is part of what drives her 2020 stance that educational funding should not come from property taxes.
Source: Detroit Free Press on 2020 Democratic primary , Jul 23, 2019

Provide teachers autonomy as well as compensation

Another Democratic presidential hopeful, author Marianne Williamson, wrote on her campaign website that she would work to provide teachers "autonomy as well as compensation that reflects their professional stature," but didn't provide specifics on how to cover salary increases.
Source: PBS News Hour 2019 coverage of 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 15, 2019

Wipe out college loans burdening the young

You can't be all that you can be when you're so weighed down. How am I going to pay these college loans? This is where our economic good comes from. Economic good does not come from a few major corporate moguls who just drop some crumbs off the table when they're in the mood to. Our economic good comes from the fact that each and every one of us are able to actualize the extraordinary, unlimited, God-given potential. That's why I want to take these college loan debts away.
Source: CNN Town Hall 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 14, 2019

Favors Universal pre-school & free college

Supports universal pre-school and free college.
Source: Axios.com "What you need to know about 2020" , Apr 14, 2019

Universal pre-school; more teacher retention programs

Source: 2020 presidential campaign website Marianne2020.com , Apr 8, 2019

Free college via public service; and student loan amnesty

Source: 2020 presidential campaign website Marianne2020.com , Apr 8, 2019

Free college; low cost education for older adults

Williamson would advocate for legislation that supports free college education and low-cost education for middle or older aged citizens.
Source: Townhall.com: 2020 Democratic primary "Candidate profiles" , Mar 5, 2019

Teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think

For decades, the American public education system tried to teach children WHAT to think, avoiding its greater mission as a free society: to teach children HOW to think. Teaching children how to think means fostering minds that are questioning, assertive, open-minded, and creative. We should bring up our children to be creators, not imitators, for only that prepares them for the wonder of life.

This is an outlook that the perpetuation of democracy requires, but that an industrialized economic system came more and more to resist. As we became dominated economically by the rule of industrialization, the tacit pact that American education made with industry was to provide the system with masses of Americans who would show up on time, do as they were told, & not to ask a lot of questions.

A child would enter kindergarten excited and passionate. By the sixth grade at the latest, his or her passion was squelched. Passion is messy for an authoritarian system and frightening to those who live under it.

Source: Healing the Soul of America, by Marianne Williamson, p.113-4 , Jul 24, 2018

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