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Supports UN & human rights, but not UNHRC in Palestine

Dean Phillips partnered with 47 other congressional representatives to advocate for greater objectivity in the United Nations' investigations of alleged human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. In a letter to the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Phillips advocated to reduce or eliminate funding for the UN Human Rights Council's (UNHRC) Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory (COI).

Representative Phillips emphasized that, while the COI is a deeply flawed entity, he remains a steadfast supporter of both human rights and the United Nations. Phillips said that "anyone who violates human rights should be held accountable -- that is as true for Israel as it is every other country. The problem is that the COI is the wrong tool for the job. It plays politics with one of the most important issues the UN covers and is a distraction from the UNHRC's crucial role promoting human rights around the globe."

Source: Presidential campaign 2024 press release phillips.house.gov , Dec 7, 2022

Descendant of Jewish refugees who fled European pogroms

Phillips is the descendant of Jewish refugees who fled to the US to escape pogroms in eastern Europe. Phillips says his Jewish ancestors' escape from persecution spurs his battle against hate.

In March, Phillips demanded an apology from fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar after she charged that American supporters of Israel have "allegiance to a foreign country."

In his freshman term in Congress, Phillips took action to combat the many faces of hate--of Jews, of immigrants, and of "the other." While introducing a resolution condemning white nationalism, Phillips took time to reflect on his great-grandparents' journey. "I come from an immigrant family," he told how his great-grandparents told him of fleeing persecution to find refuge in the United States. Yet Minneapolis was far from a safe haven for Jews at the time. Phillips was told stories in his youth of the "horrid antisemitism" that his great-grandparents worked hard to fight against.

Source: 2020 MN-3 House campaign website phillips.house.gov , Aug 1, 2019

CC:Keep alliance with Israel.

Phillips supports the CC survey question on supporting Israel

The Christian Coalition Voter Guide inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'The US Should Continue to Support and Stand with the Nation of Israel Against her Enemies ' Christian Coalition's self-description: "Christian Voter Guide is a clearing-house for traditional, pro-family voter guides. We do not create voter guides, nor do we interview or endorse candidates."

Source: Christian Coalition Surve 18CC-17 on Jul 1, 2018

Sponsored bill to monitor forced Uyghur labor in Xinjiang.

Phillips co-sponsored Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Legislative summary: The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act: