Mike Pence on Immigration

Republian nominee for Vice President; Governor of Indiana; former Representative (IN-6)


No subsidized healthcare nor tuition for illegal immigrants

Q: Should illegal immigrants have access to government-subsidized healthcare?

Mike Pence's answer: No

Tim Kaine's answer: Yes

Evan McMullin's answer: No

Q: Should illegal immigrants be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges within their residing state?

Mike Pence's answer: No

Tim Kaine's answer: Yes

Evan McMullin's answer: No

Source: iSideWith.com analysis of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 1, 2016

Focus on border security and removing criminal aliens

KAINE: Donald Trump has said it--"deportation force." They want to go house to house and kick out 16 million people.

PENCE: That's nonsense. We have a deportation force. It's called Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. And the union for ICE endorsed Donald Trump to be the next president.

KAINE: So you like the 16 million deportations?

PENCE: That's nonsense. [Your plan is] for open borders & amnesty.

KAINE: Our plan is like Ronald Reagan's plan from 1986.

PENCE: They call it comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill--but it's amnesty. Ronald Reagan said a nation without borders is not a nation. Donald Trump is committed to restoring the borders of this nation.

Q: So how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they be forcibly removed?

PENCE: Donald Trump laid out a series of priorities that begins with border security. And after we secure the border, build a wall, we do internal enforcement. The focus has to be on criminal aliens.

Source: 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate at Longwood University , Oct 4, 2016

End sanctuary cities; those policies drive wages down

Q: What would you tell the millions of undocumented immigrants who have not committed violent crimes?

A: Trump has laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all in this country. We've been talking it to death for 20 years. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue the policies of open borders, amnesty, catch and release, sanctuary cities--all the things that are are driving wages down in this country, and also too often with criminal aliens in the country, it's bringing heartbreak. But Trump has a plan that he laid out in Arizona, that will deal systemically with illegal immigration, beginning with border security, internal enforcement. Trump has laid out a priority to remove criminal aliens, remove people that have overstayed their visas. Once we have accomplished all of that, which will strengthen our economy, strengthen the rule of law in the country and make our communities safer once the criminal aliens are out, then we'll deal with those that remain.

Source: 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate at Longwood University , Oct 4, 2016

Return to country of origin before illegals get citizenship

Pence's record in the House: Pence supported proposals to allow illegal aliens to gain legal status, even while denying that such policies amount to amnesty. During the 2007 debate on amnesty legislation, Pence originated the idea of requiring illegal aliens to leave the country and then being permitted to return legally--an idea that Donald Trump has flirted with during the course of his presidential campaign. Pence voted against the DREAM Act amnesty and generally championed measures aimed at enforcing immigration laws.

Pence's record as Governor: Pence has had to deal with the effects and the costs of our nation's failed immigration policies. He publicly blamed Obama administration policies for the surge of unaccompanied alien minors entering the US. In addition, he challenged Pres. Obama's illegal use of executive power to grant de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, joining with Texas & 24 other states in a lawsuit that blocked two sweeping Obama executive amnesty programs

Source: FAIR website, ImmigrationReform.com on 2016 Veepstakes , Jul 15, 2016

Offensive & unconstitutional to ban Muslims from entering US

Pence has previously taken issue with some of Trump's national security proposals, calling his proposal to ban Muslim foreigners from entering the U.S. "offensive and unconstitutional" in a December tweet.
Source: CNN.com 2016 Veepstakes, "Pence foreign policy" , Jul 15, 2016

Temporarily suspend immigration from terrorist havens

"I am very supportive of Donald Trump's call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorists represent a threat to the United States," Pence said. Pence insisted that "we got to do something different." "The American people need to know who these people are. We have a proud tradition of refugee resettlement in my own state of Indiana -- but that has to be subordinated to the safety and security of the American people."
Source: Fox News on 2016 Veepstakes, "Pence echoes Trump" , May 21, 2016

Suspend the relocation of any more Syrian refugees

Republican Gov. Mike Pence announced that he was ordering state agencies to suspend the relocation of any more Syrian refugees to Indiana until he receives assurances from the federal government that proper security measures have been taken.
Source: ABC News on Syrian Refugee Crisis , Nov 16, 2015

Executive action deferring deportation is unconstitutional

Q: The immigration bill that will be debated this week--some governors are calling for a clean bill. Dig the immigration streaking provisions out of it. What do you say?

PENCE: Well, look, the executive action the president took late last year was clearly an unconstitutional end run around the law making authority of the Congress of the United States. The president has the authority under the Constitution to determine how he will implement the law. He does not have the authority to determine whether he will implement the law. And now a federal district judge has ruled to put an injunction in place.

Q: Bottom line?

PENCE: My bottom line is that we need to protect the homeland. We also need to protect the Constitution. And I think that the Congress using the power of the purse is altogether appropriate [killing Obama's executive action by defunding it] The House has acted, and will put a bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security on the president's desk.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2015 interview by John Roberts , Feb 22, 2015

Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border.

Within 18 months, achieves operational control over U.S. land and maritime borders, including:
  1. systematic border surveillance through more effective use of personnel and technology; and
  2. physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful border entry
Defines "operational control" as the prevention of all unlawful U.S. entries, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, narcotics, and other contraband.

Proponents support voting YES because:

It is obvious there is no more defining issue in our Nation today than stopping illegal immigration. The most basic obligation of any government is to secure the Nation's borders. One issue in which there appears to be a consensus between the Senate and the House is on the issue of building a secure fence. So rather than wait until comprehensive legislation is enacted, we should move forward on targeted legislation which is effective and meaningful. The legislation today provides over 700 miles of two-layered reinforced fencing, and for the rest of the border provides a virtual fence, via integrated surveillance technology.

Opponents support voting NO because:

Just to build the fence is going to cost us at least $7 billion. Where is the money coming from to pay for it? How much is it going to cost to maintain this 700-mile fence? Who is going to do it? This bill contains no funding.

This bill also ignores real enforcement measures, like hiring more Border Patrol personnel, and instead builds a Berlin Wall on our southern border. So long as employers need workers in this country, and while our immigration systems impede rather than facilitate timely access of willing workers to those opportunities, undocumented immigration will never be controlled.

Walls, barriers, and military patrols will only force those immigrants to utilize ever more dangerous routes and increase the number of people who die in search of an opportunity to feed and clothe their families.

Reference: Secure Fence Act; Bill H R 6061 ; vote number 2006-446 on Sep 14, 2006

Voted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment.

Vote to pass the bill that would require hospitals to gather and report information on possible illegal aliens before hospitals can be reimbursed for treating them. The bill would also make employers liable for the reimbursements if an undocumented employee seeks medical attention, unless the employer meets particular conditions for exemption. The bill would specify that hospitals aren't required to provide care to undocumented aliens if they can be transported to their home country without a significant chance of worsening their condition.
Reference: Undocumented Alien Emergency Medical Assistance Amendments; Bill HR 3722 ; vote number 2004-182 on May 20, 2004

Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency rules.

Vote on motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would extend by four months a law allowing some immigrants to remain in the country while pursuing legal residency.
Reference: Motion sponsoerd by Gekas, R-PA; Bill HR1885 ; vote number 2001-127 on May 21, 2001

Rated 100% by FAIR, indicating a voting record restricting immigration.

Pence scores 100% by FAIR on immigration issues

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, non-profit, public interest membership organization of concerned citizens united by their belief in the need for immigration reform. Founded in 1979, FAIR believes that the U.S. can and must have an immigration policy that is non-discriminatory and designed to serve the environmental, economic, and social needs of our country.

FAIR seeks to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interestómore traditional rates of about 300,000 a year.

With more than 70,000 members nationwide, FAIR is a non-partisan group whose membership runs the gamut from liberal to conservative.

The ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important; the numbers reflect the percentage of time the representative voted the organization's preferred position.

Source: FAIR website 03n-FAIR on Dec 31, 2003

Rated 92% by USBC, indicating a sealed-border stance.

Pence scores 92% by USBC on immigration issues

OnTheIssues.org interprets the 2005-2006 USBC scores as follows:

About USBC (from their website, www.usbc.org):

U.S. Border Control, founded in 1988, is a non-profit, tax-exempt, citizen's lobby. USBC is dedicated to ending illegal immigration by securing our nation's borders and reforming our immigration policies. USBC [works with] Congressmen to stop amnesty; seal our borders against terrorism and illegal immigration; and, preserve our nation's language, culture and American way of life for future generations.

Our organization accepts no financial support from any branch of government. All our support comes from concerned citizens who appreciate the work we are doing to seal our borders against drugs, disease, illegal migration and terrorism and wish to preserve our nation's language, culture and heritage for the next generations.

Source: USBC website 06n-USBC on Dec 31, 2006

End Birthright Citizenship; no more anchor babies.

Pence signed H.R.1868

    Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to consider a person born in the United States "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States for citizenship at birth purposes if the person is born in the United States of parents, one of whom is:
  1. a U.S. citizen or national;
  2. a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or
  3. an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Acknowledge the right of birthright citizenship established by section 1 of the 14th amendment to the Constitution, regarding a person born in the United States.

The amendment made by subsection (a)(3) shall not be construed to affect the citizenship or nationality status of any person born before the date of the enactment of this Act.

[OnTheIssues note: This bill would change the existing interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which currently defines as a US citizen any person born within US territory. This bill intends to remove the right of illegal aliens to gain US citizenship by bearing children while in the country illegally; the issue is known by bill supporters as "anchor babies"]

Source: Birthright Citizenship Act 09-HR1868 on Apr 2, 2009

Declare English as the official language of the US.

Pence co-sponsored declaring English as the official language of the US

This bill declares English as the official language of the United States, establishes a uniform English language rule for naturalization.

  1. The United States is comprised of individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, and continues to benefit from this rich diversity.
  2. Throughout the history of the United States, the common thread binding individuals of differing backgrounds has been the English language.
  3. Federal Representatives of shall have an obligation to enhance the role of English as the official language of the Federal Government.
  4. The official functions of the Government of the United States shall be conducted in English.
  5. All citizens should be able to read and understand generally the English language text of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the laws of the US.
  6. All naturalization ceremonies shall be conducted in English.
Source: English Language Unity Act (H.R.997) 2007-HR997 on Feb 12, 2007

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