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Republican Governor; previously Representative (OH-12); 2000 candidate for President


Get Silicon Valley people to solve Pentagon problems

Secretary Rumsfeld invited me to the Pentagon with a meeting of the former secretaries of Defense. And in that meeting, I suggested we had a problem with technology, and that I wanted to take people from Silicon Valley into the Pentagon to solve our most significant problems.
Source: Fox Business Republican 2-tier debate , Jan 14, 2016

Broadcast Judeo-Christian values abroad, to help defeat ISIS

As part of a broad national security plan to defeat ISIS, Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich proposed creating a new government agency to push Judeo-Christian values around the world. The new agency, which he hasn't yet named, would promote a Jewish- and Christian-based belief system to four regions of the world: China, Iran, Russia and the Middle East.

"We need to beam messages around the world" about the freedoms Americans enjoy, Kasich said. "It means freedom, it means opportunity, it means respect for women, it means freedom to gather, it means so many things."

The US already has a government-funded broadcast system in Voice of America, which broadcasts American news and programming abroad. The radio, television and digital audience reaches up to 188 million people per week.

Source: NBC News on 2016 presidential hopefuls on Syrian Refugees , Nov 17, 2015

Replace "Rust Belt" with Cloud computing and 3-D printing

[We need] to diversify Ohio's economy and achieve a crossover of sorts where we can maintain a vibrant manufacturing climate. We want to continue to do the steel. We want to do the cars. We want to do all those things. We maintain a vibrant manufacturing company, but we inspire a fire for cutting edge companies and technologies that have the greatest potential for job growth.

The biggest businesses in America have less employees. Look at the ones that are really skyrocketing in this country. Cloud computing, 3-D printing. 3-D printing, have you ever seen it? It's amazing what it means and what it can mean. Telemedicine and the medical devices that make it possible, logistics, financial services, IT services. These are the cutting-edge industries we must have in Ohio. They just can't be somewhere else.

And we can't continue to be known as the rust belt. No one likes rust. We need the new industries. We need the new economy in this state.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Ohio Legislature , Feb 24, 2015

Faith matters, but so does building up expertise

[In the Bible], David was a shepherd, and that's not as easy job. This back-breaking, painstaking work prepared himself for his fight against Goliath.

Nobody knew how prepared he was. In fact, David didn't know it himself, but he had faith. When he showed up, everybody laughed. They underestimated him. And the Saul insisted that David wear his armor, but he couldn't move swiftly or freely beneath the weight of it. David stood his ground and said, "Let me do my thing." And he did. He slew Goliath. He showed no fear. He was ready, because he'd put in the hours. It's like what Malcolm Gladwell writes in his great book "Outsiders". He says everybody who is an expert has to put in ten thousand hours building up his or her expertise. Well, David did just that. He put in his time, and God blessed his work, and it brought about a great change. He was not without flaws, of course, but he was a man after God's heart, if you will.

Source: Every Other Monday, by John Kasich, p.128-129 , Jun 15, 2010

Journalists should ask, "Am I reporting or pimping?"

Let us never forget the power of the printed word or the weight of a broadcast report, because Americans rely on all these sources of information. But at the same time let us never forget that ratings drive virtually every news-related decision in every newsroom in this country.

On my own FOX News show we must sometimes devote time to stories that appeal to our base instincts. I know the reality of my business, and I look to find a balance. Hopefully, you don't just do what feeds the beast, but you offer stories and insights that give people a chance to learn something new. On our show, we've done stories on the United Nations, Sudan, Ukraine.before any other mainstream show would touch these topics.

The real question journalists of every stripe should be asking is, "Am I pimping this story or am I reporting this story?" There's wide latitude in terms of what you say and write, just as there's great freedom in deciding which stories you'll cover in the first place.

Source: Stand For Something, by John Kasich, p.217-218 , May 10, 2006

Do better job labeling movies for graphic content

I was in my local video store looking for a movie to watch with my wife, Karen. The clerk in the store recommended "Fargo", a perversely dark crime story that had played to generally enthusiastic reviews. When Karen & I got to the part where they chop up a guy in a grinder we looked at each other and thought, What the heck are we watching here? It was billed as a comedy, but it wasn't funny. It was graphic, and brutal, and completely unnecessary, and it rubbed us in so many wrong ways we had to shut the thing off right there in the middle.

Next morning, I got on the phone to Blockbuster and demanded that they take the movie off their shelves. The store manager finally threw up his hands and agreed to start doing a better job labeling movies for graphi content--even well-reviewed, Academy Award-winning movies--and I contented myself with this small victory. I heard from friends that our local Blockbuster hadn't really done all that much in the way of labeling, which of course set me off all over again.

Source: Stand For Something, by John Kasich, p.222-223 , May 10, 2006

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