Haley Barbour on Tax Reform

Republican MS Governor

Cut budget by $700M, instead of raising taxes

As Governor I have cut the budget by a total of about $700 million in just the last two years. Just as our constituents have cut back, they expect state government to cut back. They know the alternative is raising taxes, because government has no money except what it takes from taxpayers. The people of Mississippi deserve to keep more of what they earn, and we owe it to the people of Mississippi not to raise taxes and to control spending.

Not only do I urge you not to consider tax increases this year I implore you to keep spending at a level this year that protects more of our reserves for next year. That is the way to stop any tax increases in 2012. Remember, what we have accomplished in controlling spending over seven years can be lost in only one year. Our first year you passed and I signed the most comprehensive tort reform law in the country, and it worked.

Source: 2011 Mississippi State of the State Address Jan 11, 2011

Commission to study state tax code & then cut taxes

I have appointed a blue ribbon commission to study Mississippi’s tax code on a comprehensive basis, including how the federal and local tax structures affect our citizens and businesses. The commission’s work will give a much more accurate and clearer picture of the tax system under which our taxpayers labor than we’ve had in the past. We’ll get this report by the end of August. Nothing is off the table; though I hasten to add, my goal is to put a net tax cut in place during my term.
Source: 2008 State of the State address to state legislature Jan 21, 2008

I am against raising anybody’s taxes

I am against raising anybody’s taxes. Mississippi already has the highest state and local taxes in the South. My old boss Ronald Reagan was right: to raise taxes while government is on a spending binge is only feeding the beast
Source: 2006 Gubernatorial campaign website, haleybarbour.com Jan 28, 2006

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