George Pataki on Abortion

Republican NY Governor

Claims he can overcome GOP objection to pro-abortion stance

He’s out of step with most Republicans on the issue of abortion but pro-abortion New York Gov. George Pataki said on Monday he would make a decision about whether he will run for president in 2008 “in the next few weeks.” In comments on the CNN television program “Situation Room,” Pataki claimed he could overcome objection to his pro-abortion stance that prevent previous GOP presidential candidates like Arlen Specter and Pete Wilson from gaining any traction.
Source: Steven Ertelt in LifeNews.com Dec 5, 2006

Favors abortion rights

Pataki faces major hurdles in Iowa and elsewhere. He is leaving office with less-than-stellar poll numbers and his successor is almost certain to be a Democrat -- not exactly the ideal springboard for a national campaign. Pataki also favors abortion rights, a major strike against him with the social conservatives who traditionally play an outsized role in the Iowa caucuses. Still, The Fix believes that hard work in politics often pays off. And Pataki is working Iowa as hard as anyone at the moment.
Source: Chris Cillizza opinion in Washington Post Jun 15, 2006

Vetoes non-prescription morning-after pill

New York’s Gov. George Pataki confirms he will veto a bill that would make the so-called “morning-after” pill available without a prescription. Abortion-rights advocates in the state are hoping to pressure him into signing the legislation. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney recently vetoed similar legislation; both men are eyeing possible presidential runs in 2008.
Source: Margot Adler on NPR’s All Things Considered Aug 1, 2005

Supports banning partial birth abortions

Source: ChoiceMatters.com 2006 report on voting record May 2, 1996

Voted in NY legislature to cut off Medicaid abortion funding

Source: ChoiceMatters.com 2006 report on voting record Jun 6, 1994

Supported by right-to-life groups in 1990s elections

Source: ChoiceMatters.com 2006 report on voting record May 11, 1990

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